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Re: 0201Technology (

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 10:43:05 EDT 2000 | TMV

The SMT LAB at Universal Instruments Corp. has presented a paper entitled "Process parameters optimization for mass reflow of 02\01 components" at APEX 2000. If you weren't able to attend, an excerpt is available at www.UIC.com, under the AUTOMATION

SMT Line Performance Measurement

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 13:29:09 EDT 2020 | davef

Back in the old days, based on "The Goal" by Eliyahu Goldratt, we wanted to optimize throughput. In this ... * THE GOAL: Make more money. Increase throughput. Make more money. * Throughput is gated by the bottleneck. * Bottleneck is where the mate

Solid Solder Deposit

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 08:10:56 EST 2001 | Matt Kehoe

Hi Dave. Sorry I have not responded. Just as I was getting into this forum activity the company I worked for (past tense) decided not to re join the SMTA and I was cut off. Anyways, you can find most of what you asked for about SIPAD on the Midwest

Re: OA core solder stranded wires

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 18:07:53 EST 1999 | Dave F

| I am looking for information regarding post wave soldering of stranded wires into a circuit board using OA core wire solder. We do a final pass thru the cleaner after the hand soldering but I'm concerned about any OA flux residue that may have wic

Soldering to brass?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 19:32:40 EDT 2007 | davef

Zinc from the brass diffuses into the solder and reacts with tin causing dezincification. Dezincification is a specific type of de-alloying, or selective, leaching corrosion of brass fittings. This type of corrosion selectively removes zinc from th


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