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Reduce flux

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 12:30:19 EST 2007 | slthomas

Change pastes, although insufficient heating may leave excessive residues. Is this on one board or all products? No Clean or water soluble? Do you profile accurately or "guesstimate" your settings?

Vapor/ensolve flux cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 14:52:03 EDT 2010 | davef

When we hear the words 'flexible circuit' and 'delamination' in the same sentence, we think: * Excessive reflow temperature. * Entrapped moisture. Boardhouse: I hope this is a step towards redemption.

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 03:07:17 EST 2005 | Chua

Hi, We are running lead free at wave solder now and the spray flux system is down. If we are going to able the flux manually, what problem will we be facing with the excess flux able. Appreciate for the advise.

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 22:14:42 EST 2005 | Chua

Hi Davef, Thanks for your advise...... We are running no-clean process. If there is white residues after few days.....is it cause by those excess flux. Thanks

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 10:14:30 EST 2005 | davef

If you're washing the boards properly, you should see any problems, maybe a little extra floaming, but that won't be too bad. If you're running no clean, you need to aplly flux according to your supplier's recommendations. If you decide not to foll

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 14:41:41 EDT 2004 | Steve Stach

Dear JSK, It sounds like the root causes of your problem are two fold. First, excessive heat will polymerize the abietic acid found in rosin forming neo-abietic diamers and polymers which are much less soluble than the parent monomer. There are

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 22:47:29 EST 2005 | davef

That would be our first guess, also. Get the stuff analyzed to be sure. Another clue is if the white stuff disappears when you hit it with hot air from a rework station. The hot air is activate the flux. Good troubleshooting tool, but you're subj

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 11:12:56 EDT 2001 | nwyatt

Hi. We are currently using an unconventional method to rework a micro BGA - removing component with hot air, fluxing the area, placing the part with pick and place, then reflowing it in the oven. The reason we are doing it this way and not with a r

Micro BGA coplanarity

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 21:13:03 EST 2003 | iman

Russ, u mean excess flux causes "blow hole" defect?

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 09:57:40 EDT 2001 | nwyatt

In regards to your last question, - problem is failures and most think it is due to too much flux - we apply flux with a brush - amount applied depends on the operator applying it - the flux is very thick and will hold the part in place before reflo

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