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Fabmaster V6E1

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 10:06:50 EST 2011 | cecchetti

from expedition 2005.3 design environment i must generate the fabmaster for the Oka-no testing system. I have a problem because Oka-no can't read the fabmaster file generated from Expedition. The fabamster generated from Expedition has a format more

Any PCB manufacturer can do 8 layer 1.0mm PCB with 2/2mil line?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 02:02:14 EDT 2017 | isbdk

almost can do that. If you have this require, you can refer to this website: www.allpcb.com/T2 Best price and quality, no expedite.

Wow! Changes...

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 12:44:09 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

Hi Brian As you know I am behind SMTnet and the forum 100%. My brief thoughts on your comments here on the changes are that if you have to explain how it works on a web site you need to try again. the only way a web site works well is if it is obv

PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 13 06:20:50 EDT 2015 | eniac

Most powerfull tool for PCB design - it's your brain, Richard. All others - just a auxiliary instruments. I have assembled a good project, which was designed in Paint (yes, I mean Microsoft Paint!), and, also, I have many examples of bad projects, wh

expedite drying of latex mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 09:11:30 EDT 2000 | Eric Soderberg

Currently use Hysol TS300 latex mask and need to explore alternative methods of drying the mask. The mask is applied with a Asymtek Century Dispenser and placed on drying shelves. Air dry is dependent on temperature/humidity. Tried all the UV masks o

Hi anyone have recommended pcb manufacturer?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 02:10:20 EDT 2017 | benny

We now offer free expedite for PCB prototype. Min $5 for Standard 1-2 layers board with 24-48H lead time Min $34.78 for Standard 4 layers board with 48-72H lead time. We think it should be very helpful for your projects. Also welco

Which kind of supplier should I choose for pcb fabrication?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 02:05:39 EDT 2017 | benny

We now offer free expedite for PCB prototype. Min $5 for Standard 1-2 layers board with 24-48H lead time http://www.allpcb.com/T2 Min $34.78 for Standard 4 layers board with 48-72H lead time http://www.allpcb.com/T2 We thi

Tape Reel Sizes -Info needed for research

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 14:25:24 EDT 2003 | govi

Hi, I am a grad student workin on SMT placement optimization and i am exploring the possibility of utilizing unused slots and assigning multiple feeder slots for a component type on a chip shooting machine. so far my optimization model has shown very

contact c5

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 30 16:49:21 EST 2004 | Mike Zadrejko, Videotek, Inc.

Barney, We currently have 3 Contact Systems machines, (1) C3AV and (2) C3AVXs and I can't say enough good things about the machines or the support. It has always, always been there since we started dealing with them in 1991. The Service Dept personn

Where Is That #2%&*** Reel????

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 20:51:04 EDT 2004 | davef

Here's the situation: * Multi-line SMT shop * Reels of fly-shit are stocked in a common area for the lines Here's the question: What do you do when the only reel of part number "A" is running on "Line #1" AND the expediter for "Line #2" has ripped e

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