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Vias Under Discrete Components

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 15 01:20:08 EST 2000 | Dreamsniper

Do we really need not to locate vias underneath discrete components on a PCB that will be wave soldered after reflow even though we are using no clean process on our wave solder ? What are the possible cause and effect when locating Vias under discre

glue size

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 27 23:04:10 EST 2006 | i want to learn from u

Most of pcb have white/black printing at bottom side of them to indicate the chip location. Normally, this printing are the same location to the place that glue will be mount. My problem are the glue size between the point that have printing and not

Cp and Cpk values

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 17:47:19 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello EW, thanks for your input, the data collection for measurements such as these can get confusing because you're calculating deviations from set point location to actual placement location and then analyzing the full result. Then there are many o

Looking for trays to lay boards on in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 10:23:47 EDT 2019 | don_julio

We started getting better reflow after rotating the pcb to locate the greater mass closer to the center of the oven. However we still leave space between panels on the conveyor to achieve a better reflow. This costs us production time. I'm simply lo

BGA Short

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 29 11:01:56 EST 2002 | yngwie

Ok..I will refer to the past thread myself....but, just an update, after getting the BGA rebaked ( as I didn't see an evidence from Production saying that they hv baked these batch of BGAs). The shorts are all gone. But one thing thou', if the proble

AOI for solder inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 00:11:11 EST 2009 | shinseimy

Hi, You might be can consider try our brand AOI checker. We are the manufacturer the AOI which located at Malaysia. The programming is very easy to use, and effective on the speed. Furthermore, 2D barcode reader, NG marking included. If you are inte

Low humidity control

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 06:58:07 EST 2011 | mikeyjryan

Hello, The company I work for are located in the North of Spain and the humidity levels in the factory range from 10 to 60 %RH. We have concerns about the low humidity effects on our ESD controls and want to invest in a system to keep the humidity a

SOT23 jumping off pads when reflowing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 18 15:29:59 EDT 2003 | Gabriele

Hi all, by reading along those thread (SOT23) and Tan outgassing I learned plenty of things. My first time approacing this kind of Q$A Forum, very intesting tech communication way. Any way, the path of magnetism effect was chosen when time ago we met

Support Fixtures or Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 11:19:00 EDT 2001 | hinerman

A flexible array support system is superior in the following categories discussed in the 'tooling classes' thread. -High Flexibility -Effective on a variety of products -Low operator intervention -Conforms to PCB, so it is both accurate and repeatab

ESD suitability of bare wood

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 20:55:09 EST 2002 | davef

You are correct about the location of wood on your friendly neighborhood triboelectric scale. But unfortunately for us [and fortunately for the ESD protected material board rack salesperson], the scale does not recognize the effect of the moisture t

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