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Can an Expired OSP PCB more than 1 year be reworked to extend Shelf Life

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 12 19:57:56 EST 2017 | myke03o

Hi Experts. We have an expired OSP pcb and we wanted to extend the shelp life. Is it possible to rework the PCB by removing the OSP coating, micro etching and re-applying OSP finish. Any advice if this can be done? Any solution for this OSP pcb e

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 09:48:08 EDT 2007 | rgduval

AJ, We're using the extenders from Sierra here (www.tapesplice.com). However, I was also in contact with Qtek Manufacturing in Galway, Ireland before settling on Sierra. http://www.qtek.com. I ended up with Sierra for a Stateside solution. cheer

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 09:59:29 EDT 2007 | splicetronics

Hello all, For competitive pricing on Tape Extenders and other splicing supplies please contact us at sales@splicetronics.com Looking forward to hearing from you!

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 04:18:41 EDT 2007 | muarty

Hi AJ, There is a company in Athenry, Co. Galway who supply tape extenders. Company is called QTEK, http://www.qtek.com , sales@qtek.com Hope this helps. Regards John

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 23:22:19 EDT 2007 | anne0405

SMT splice product(splice tape,splice cutter,splice tool,extender,stencil clean rolls and so on)with best quality and resonable price. pls visit http://www.khj.cn email:sales@khj.cn

DEK 265GSX squeegee travel distance

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 15:42:19 EDT 2011 | dekhead

Yes it is "Print Front Limit" and "Print Rear Limit". Negative value extends the stroke, Depends on software version how useful it will be, as there are differing limits on how much you can extend the stroke. http://www.dekhead.com

Leader tape on partial reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 06:56:54 EDT 2006 | QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. www.qtek.com

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. provide a solution to the above problem, QTEK Cover Tape Extender adds an extra 380mm to cover the tape of component reels. It saves components being wasted or discard when strating a new tape through a feeder, and enables the

Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 12:28:16 EDT 2004 | jbabson1

The speed control for the extend and retract is in the Part Data under Process data under MTU. John

SMT Feeder Leader Tape / Extenders

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 10:06:05 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi Rob, Did you trial both suppliers or was it easier for you to go with sierra ? aj...

Extended CA RoHS Restrictions Terminated

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 05 11:02:47 EST 2007 | davef

Keep that up and Ahnod will get Cali tossed from the European Union.

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