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Todays crazy idea?! (environmental safe)

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 12:06:23 EST 2001 | traviss

Ok I could not pass this one up so I tried it out today, it didn�t work for me. Could I get more information such as flux type, and sugar concentration? I used Kester RMA 285 and concentration almost to saturation (looked almost like syrup). I wander

AS9100D Fact check

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 18:38:05 EDT 2018 | slthomas

I would say not likely unless it's at least serialized, but certainly so if it requires calibration....point being LOTS of stuff requires calibration for AS9100 activity. Simple hand tools probably not, for example, but your calipers, multimeters w

MPM Accuflex

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 14 23:23:03 EDT 2003 | Dean

Fastek is right. There is only one way to compare machines. You need a feature matrix, performance matrix, cost matrix. If you don't sort machines by class you could compare two completely dissimilar machines and not fufill your goal of equipment

SMT glue dispensers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 13:27:09 EDT 2006 | jimmyjames

We 'bend and clip' with good old fashioned needle nose pliers and side cutters. A typical size for a run would be 20-30 boards. Many of our designs are over a decade old and are fully TSO'd (FAA standard) and we can't change anything in the design.

expired solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 08:49:45 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

Define "expired" though... 1 week? 6 weeks? 1 month? 6 months? Unrefrigerated life is generally 30 days. If paste has been stored refrigerated at manufacturer recommended temperatures, what would you guys do, like say, if you owned your own shop

Re: Startup info

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 29 03:35:10 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| I am looking for a questionaire/list of items that need to be addressed to determine the pros/cons and equipment, manpower, cost and lead time to determine if one should consider setting up an in-house SMT line. | Can anyone help? | thanks | | L


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