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Re: Measuring Board Deflection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 15:26:59 EDT 2000 | Boca

You're going in the direction of fab improvement, a great direction. But in another direction; If you're already in a carrier, how about using a skyhook of some sort to support the middle of the fab from the top side? In some cases you can put fine

Re: Poor solderability

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 05:44:08 EST 2000 | Dean

Sounds like black pad to me. I just suffered this last week. Track your fab lot codes. Just in case. I processed 1000 fabs of 2 lot codes through 1 line (also WS609). 1 lot code failed with black pad the other did not. With one common mfg. proc

Re: Immersion Tin

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 16:33:39 EDT 2000 | Mark Charlton

We just went through a difficult time processing SMT immersion white tins PCA's and found the following: 1. FAB vendor had a degraded tin solution resulting in improper plating thickness 2. FAB vendor was not using the proper cleaning process Get

Re: PCB delamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 16:27:48 EST 2000 | Boca

Bingo! Sounds like you solved your mystery. You've checked your key process steps, the product has been running in your processes for some time with no process changes. This all points back to one of your process input, i.e. the fab. Experience s

Re: Help Required

Electronics Forum | Sat May 06 08:00:52 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Rashad: Very evocative title for the thread. There is tons of stuff on the net on board fab. For instance: * Earl Moon wrote some outstanding articles on fab in the SMTnet newsletter ..., before they chased him away. Earl (that ol' fart) know m


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 14:40:00 EST 2004 | Willy

I am looking for a PCB fab shop capable of .65mm through-holes and very close tolerance internal spacing.Anyone out there?

Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 15:13:55 EDT 2004 | SWagner

You could comprimise on the E-Fab stencil and buy a laser cut nickle, it will have similar release characteristics to an E-Fab and only costs $600, they can be purchased from Stork Veco, they are located in Europe.

Pcb fab with 5% tol in Asia

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 23:16:33 EDT 2005 | sumxp

Anyone come across pcb fab.house in Asia who is capable of doing 5mils track with 5% tol and 50 ohms impedence?

PCB Fab - Blind Via's

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 16:51:40 EST 2005 | carterhoward

Hi All, Can anyone recommend a PCB fab house that they have good luck with doing blind Via�s? thanks

silkscreen issue

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 12 18:20:08 EST 2006 | jldowsey

Thanks Russ. As it turned out, it was an incomplete cure at the fab house. Rhey sent another fab over from the same lot that had sat for 3 more days, and it came out lavender instead of purple! have a good one!

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