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Re: Buying stenciling and pick and place equipement.

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 17:45:35 EST 1999 | Bill Petlock

Clarissa, Buying used equipment should not be risky if you do your homework. As M COX said, you should find out if the manufacturer still supports the machinery but don't take everything they tell you as gospel. Remember, they want to sell you a new

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 21 09:23:05 EDT 2017 | sumote

I am not going to give you any names of equipment manufacturers as I believe most people tend to recommend only what they are familiar with. I have my favorites as, likely, most everyone else does as well. What I will tell you is equally important.

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 25 14:18:21 EDT 2017 | emeto

John, programming can be done easier, but you have to pay the price somewhere. I would recommend using the following sequence if you see a lot of new products all the time. 1. Use your own part number system. With these numbers you will fill up you

Do you use a FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine? I wonder if you are using W08c, or W08f feeder?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 13:58:16 EDT 2022 | kojotssss

Route differences you should read in user manuals from Fuji. As i know W08f types feederes comes from factory with magnetic Sub plate, for f type is it Standard equipment!


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