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Dek265MK1 failing to initialise

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 06:45:38 EDT 2009 | aj

machine wont initialise after breaker tripped when machine was powered down over the weekend. All PSU's check out fine along with Estop circuit. I get the command to press system button but thats as far as it goes. any ideas welcomed

IPC pass/fail

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 13:43:35 EST 2020 | tamasmagyar


mydata 19 error

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 14:42:49 EST 2014 | rdubya

Centering motor about to fail or has failed.


Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 22:55:53 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Also it might be a failed axis controller card in the VME; check for any red fail lights.

AOI false fail PPM

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 29 13:27:49 EDT 2008 | jdd

PPM on AOI, this is our metric for false fail on AOI machines. Our target is 1000 ppm but I'm not sure about this target for low volume. (1,000 false fails on 1000,000 of inspections) thanks

Electrovert omniflow 10 speed control fail

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 12:54:36 EDT 2013 | smtventasmex

Hi i working now on electrovert omniflow 10 tha deos not control the speed of the conveyor on the sofware, i did change the encoder but this ones continue failing, this fail start because we have a short cut on smemma wire, any one have experience wi

DEK 2D Inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 29 03:40:43 EDT 2005 | aj

I have over 6 years experience working on Dek Printers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone BUT I have never seen the 2D Inspection last any longer than a couple of weeks running on the machine. This is the one side of things that they FAIL.

sockets soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 21:24:16 EDT 2010 | davef

Jacki: That's exactly what we need to know, so that we can start slogging through this. [See we don't do well with broad, generalized questions. We don't have time to write dissertations. This is a task-oriented group.] Let's focus further: * Is

AOI false fail PPM

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 01 08:49:54 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

I don't know about that machine but 5000 wouldn't suprise me. And make sure your targets is less than X false fails with zero false passes. I can probably get zero false fails with any machine but I"m sure a lot of defects would get past that machi

Renco Power inductor (RL-1608-S-330) - common failures??

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 14:41:12 EDT 2010 | ronchap200027

Has anyone had issues with Renco inductors failing. The component I'm having problems with is a 330uH shielded power inductor. Out of 36 board failures, I have 17 that failed because this inductor failed. Most often they end up reading -1.34 uH.

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