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BGA solder failure rate

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 13:36:14 EDT 1999 | Bart Smith

I am a design engineer and have a circuit board design with a 292 pin BGA on it. The board manufacturer is experiencing a failure rate of about 2.8% on the BGA device due to soldering problems. This is my first experience with BGA. How does the 2.

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 16 09:47:33 EDT 2013 | dilogic

I would appreciate if you can share your experience with pick failure rates, preferably for 0402 parts. Also, what percentage do you consider acceptable?

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 16 13:57:31 EDT 2013 | emeto

By tape manufacturer you can have up to two empty slots in the tape. That means you should have two retries after the first pick up.

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 17:55:36 EDT 2013 | dilogic

Yes, I know all that, but I am interested in some real figures from the field. That is, what percentage of mispicks do you experience on average (for large runs, of course)?

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 15:41:59 EDT 2013 | cbeneat

For 0402's, if the operator is paying attention, our equipment Panasonic CM 402/602/NPM's run at about .001%. Again this is dependent on an operator that pays attention to the fail rate. We usually don't have too many problems with 0402's, LED's ar

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 16 13:29:37 EDT 2013 | larrygroves

a lot depends on the age and type of equipment you are using . Older equipment can have a lot of problems with smaller parts. If all is well with your feeders and machine you should expect something like 99.8 to 99.9 percent. some parts will be ident

Re: BGA solder failure rate

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 05:23:00 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

Hi Bart, that�s much to high. If that would happen to me my boss would tear my head off. For improving the yields you must find the cause for the soldering problems. What are the symptoms? What could be the cause for the symptoms? Could be design pr

Multi Layer PCB Fallout rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 17 09:23:00 EST 2016 | ronhammer

Does anyone know what the normal fallout rate is for a 12 layer PCB from the board house during testing? We received the inspection data from a recent set of boards. Looking over the report there failure rate looks high to us, but with out knowing wh

BGA failure when chamber test

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 02:41:29 EDT 2011 | kemasta

Hi It's me again. Our products need to pass a chamber test 45c/36hrs after the PCBA completed batch of functional tests and assemble in to case. We found 1 unit was functioning for 24hours in the chamber, but hang after that. We tried to re-boot the

BGA failure at Functional Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 00:18:14 EST 2009 | milanrit

Recently on one of my assemblies(sn/pb) I started seeing leaded BGA failure at functinal test for opens, but when I inspected them through 5DX and ERSA Scope it doesnt seem like there is any opens or insufficient and half no. of boards passed functio

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