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What would you say is a fair price?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 27 16:08:35 EDT 1998 | ETS, LLC

ETS, Manufacturer of Cure Ovens for use with the Nordson Select Coat line and other conformal coating systems, offers curing ovens at your desired price. That's right, you tell us what you think is a fair price and that is what you pay. Many differe

Re: Why would I want to use photonic soldering for my rework applications?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 18 17:55:55 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Reworking BGA with hot air systems (ie, AirVac, SRT) is fairly complicated and requires fairly rigorous process control. Please compare and contrast BGA rework using hot air and your laser based system.

SAMSUNG nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 17:42:44 EDT 2005 | jsloot

They are a CP40 and CP50. The CP40 is fairly new and the 50 is fairly new but we bought it as a used piece. It is in good condition. As far as I can say everything seems set up correctly. By the sounds of your reply I should dig into this more deeply

How long can you leave paste - update

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 11:55:19 EDT 2007 | chrissieneale

One. Consisting of: 1 stencil printer (approx 10yrs old) 4 placement machines (2 obsolete, 2 fairly new) 1 oven (fairly old)

Attrition Rates

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 14:44:50 EDT 2004 | davef

Chris Search the SMTnet Archives to get started. There's a fair amount of background there.

materials in pcb

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 18 07:40:32 EDT 2006 | davef

There's a fair amount on the web about this. For instance: http://www.felsweb.com/lam_faq.htm


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 19:51:20 EDT 2008 | chrisgriffin

Wave Master, what did they remove?

Label Print Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 22:56:41 EDT 2020 | kylehunter

Brady workstation is fairly cheap

Heller Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 13:39:50 EDT 2022 | paddymanoj

Thank you very much for the reply. Can someone help me with the fair price of this model?

Solder Balls at Electrolytic Cap

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 13:36:30 EDT 2004 | John S

We are launching a new product and are fairly new to reflow soldering. A concern that has arisen is a fairly consistent solder ball that forms at an electrolytic capacitor. We changed to a homebase aperture design on our passives to eliminate mid-c

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