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Depanelling scoring groove PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 12:50:56 EDT 2014 | comatose

We have several, the one everyone likes is a Fancort VPD5-330. We were having trouble with cracked ceramics near the score line with our pizza cutter style depaneler. The linear blade made it go away entirely. Not the cheapest, though.

Mechanical Delamination at de-panel

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 13 16:23:47 EDT 2014 | esoderberg

I did not see any mention on the inner layer setback. We use 0.025" and have not had problems. Point loads with either a CAB or a FKN can sometimes be problematic. I would search out someone you know that has a fancort industries VDP5. This cuts th

PCB v-score depaneling question

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 08:55:35 EST 2017 | capse

I represent Fancort Industries. We provide "pizza cutter" and horizontal opposing blade "guillotine" style v-score depanel equipment. The edge clearance requirements are 0.030" - 0.050" for the wheel cutter and down to 0.020" for the opposing blade e

Router Depanel Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 29 17:07:58 EDT 2004 | waveroom

Got to http://www.fancort.com they offer several models thru distribution. Low volume look at the NRT-1 & NTR-2... Medium volume look at the PS-MR-1 and there is a high volume machine as well.

2010&2512 cracking

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 23 11:05:46 EST 2010 | kjs123p

We had this same problem several years ago. The caps and resistors were cracking when we snapped the boards apart. We now use a pizza cutter style depanelizer. A couple of manufacturers that I know of are CAB and Fancort. I hope this helps.

I need a pcb cutting machine for separating the aluminum board

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 11:06:45 EDT 2017 | capse

Fancort industries offers v-score separation systems. ASYS Group offers sawing and router depanel equipment.


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