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Leadfree Production experiences so far

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 12:37:30 EST 2007 | aj

Hi all, I posted a thread a while back looking for information from other Engineers regarding how they felt the whole "RoHS Compliance Introduction" had gone. I cant locate the thread - if anyone could add their experiences to this thread I would

CS-400D Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 23:02:35 EDT 2009 | cusackmusic

Bob has been very helpful so far. He was very reasonable on the price for the manual too. I think I'll have this thing in production by Monday Morning! So far I've replaced the 5V Power Supply, re-aligned the X and Y, and re-laminated the table to

The story so far!

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 05:02:55 EST 2007 | aj

thanks swag..

Re: motion detector

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 12 09:29:58 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Barry: We use motion detectors: * In our product packaging to determine if the shipper has drop kicked the box down the stairs. * Along our conveyors in production to sense a "line full" These are far different applications and probably far diffe

Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 20 10:46:59 EST 2003 | browning

I have had both DEK and MPM. I have had far better success with the DEK's. They are far more reliable, require less maintainence and are on-line more than any of the MPM's I have had. I have only DEK's on my lines now.

Surface mount Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 14:38:33 EST 2005 | JBurgans

Whatever you do, stay far, far away from the Manncorp machines. I happened to tour a facilty that used those, and I sincerely felt for those poor souls who were suck operating those machines.

Thermal Profiler Batteries

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 06 09:08:57 EST 2006 | Rob

Hi Ken, You're right - they're not doing anything smart, they are just using a rechargable battery pack. It's not even the latest or most suitable technology for the application (Li-ion has far better temperature characteristics & far high capacity

Removal of SMT Device Markings

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 12:15:34 EDT 2006 | teamcanada

Dave F was right on the application, it has worked so far (3 years). Thanks for the ideas so far.

Juki Operator Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 07:31:54 EDT 2013 | babe7362000

Does anyone have a list of what a Juki Operator should do as far as Maintenance? Any info would be helpful. I am just trying to compare what others are doing as far as what the operators are supposed to do. Thanks

Buying a new Reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 06:21:00 EDT 2019 | spoiltforchoice

Well, so far Heller certainly scores highly on the balance of price, features & brand reputation (Never heard anyone be mean about them). Be interesting to see what the "cheaper" brands offer, so far they're a bit sleepy.

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