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US based Fast Turn board shop

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 15 21:01:46 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, Can anyone recommend a US based fast turn board shop that is very good, and can meet fast turn deadlines of boards with up to 12 layers? Regards, Grant

Cleaning BGA pads prior to rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 15:27:49 EDT 2010 | davef

Fast or cheap, fast or cheap, fast or cheap ... Tough call, oh yeh, time is money. That's it!!!

CP643E Ref Side Clamp Mesh Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 13:13:51 EDT 2003 | mantis

Its been awjile since i was on a Cp643e but it sounds like there is a difference between the table board width and the fast loader width,when a board is to be transfered from the fast loader to the table the knuckles on the fast loader mechanism shou

Re: NC Flux Splattering

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 13:09:30 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

Yes, a flux with a fast wetting rate will be more prone to have spattering. Fluxes with high boiling point solvents are also more prone to have spattering, if the same flux is fast in wetting rate.

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue May 14 20:58:42 EDT 2002 | davef

Maybe the issue is not a proper rework method. Your shorts on the corners are caused by too fast of a profile causing the corners of the BGA to get too hot, too fast, which made them curl, like tatter chips.

US based Fast Turn board shop

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 13:16:48 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, Thanks guys for the replies, and there is some good companies here, and we are checking with them for fast turn boards. Thanks! Regards, Grant

Custom Rework Nozzles FAST

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 17:58:14 EDT 2006 | bwet

Does anyone know of a fast delivery (days not weeks) VJT or Metcal rework nozzle vendor that they can recommned? BWET


Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 09:29:37 EST 2007 | AR

Thanks Rob So if it is only up to feeder space and fast and easy feeder loading mechanism, then surely most brands with feeder exchange carts will be equally fast or even better when changing over, provided you have a sufficient number of exchange f

Reflow Temperatures and speed for a 7 zone top/bot for conceptro

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 12:11:43 EDT 2003 | stepheno

We have a 5 zone oven and were starting at 150 which brought it up too fast. Even with only a 5 zone starting at 140 we get the temp up to soaking temp fast enough. ( I think too fast actually) What kind of oven do you have anyways? And I can't

Good Profiler for reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 20:22:54 EDT 2004 | Grant

Hi, Thanks for the info! In the software can you add solder paste specs and heat sensitive components and see where the profile sits against these fast? Measurement is the easiest part I think, but what I thinks harder is good software to analyze th

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