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ESD Safe Fasteners

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 09:29:50 EDT 2002 | CPI

I�m looking for some type of fastener to secure identification tags to boards. The method would be inserting through a tooling hole on the brd .25� npt. We had been using nylon fasteners much like those used in the garment industry. However I am look

ESD Safe Fasteners

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 15:17:37 EDT 2002 | russ


ESD Safe Fasteners

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 18:28:32 EDT 2002 | genny

What about a twist tie? Reusable.

Pick and Place Rivet

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 12 17:03:14 EDT 2008 | ldavis

Have you checked out the ReelFast fasteners from PEM? They probably have something that would work.

Re: Splicing tape for 8,12, and 16mm component tapes

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 11:13:39 EDT 1998 | Justin Medernach

| Looking for vendors of splicing tape for 8,12 and 16mm tape and reel. | Any net sources? Mike, Give Siemens a call. They have a decent little system. It's comprised of thin metal fasteners that hold the carrier tape together via the holes, a crim

Re: Pallet fastner

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 20:38:08 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Gregg: Call your wave solder fixture supplier (eg, EMC, MB, Garland, who ever) tell 'em you want on of those "pallet fastener" (pretty techincal term, eh?) things.

Closing Dead Threads

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 17:02:50 EDT 2001 | mparker

...and I thought this was going to be a trivia question about the types of fasteners (rope (hemp), paper clips, roach clips) that a DEADHEAD would use whenever a button or snap is lost! But then again, it would only apply to trousers as most of 'em w


Electronics Forum | Thu May 06 11:09:12 EDT 1999 | carl

Hi All; I'm looking for a cheaper place to optain Fuji Hair Pin clips for feeders. Currently the price from Fuji $9.00. I have check many others fastener Mfg, but no luck. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks

Spring holder for SM fixture

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 02 20:33:31 EST 2001 | caldon

You may want to try Southco www.southco.com They have 13,000 products including spring loaded fasteners. Best thing is to request a catalog or CD. Cal

ESD Safe Fasteners

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 12:08:14 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

I am curious what the identifications tags actually do. bar code, p/n etc. Are they for in process use or do they ship with the board. Why a tag rather than printing the info on the board.

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