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BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 18 20:42:37 EDT 2005 | Ken

Link Fail is the RS232 connection to the FCU. I would check the connector, cable that plugs into the computer. Verify all power supplies are working. The most likely scenario is this: Computer malfunction Cable / connector issue. Defecive FCU

BTU VIP70 help

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 10 22:31:16 EST 2016 | ecogroup

Hi Tom, We have a Paragon 150 with the FCU board problem. We are thinking about finding another board and swapping it . Did you get the ROM chips from BTU when you swapped the FCU board? Appreciate any advice. Thank you. Ray

BTU VIP70 help

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 16:36:05 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Problem was bad FCU board; replaced with FCU from another machine and swapped rom chips. Oven operates properly and communicates with PC. BTU was kind enough to supply the default usernames and passwords for wincon but they did not work. Still waiti

BTU link fail

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 16:22:51 EDT 2005 | JW

Sounds similar to a recent problem with our VIP70. We thought it may be the SSR, then the FCU ... Swapping blower unit with a second oven finally helped us traced the problem to the thermoswitch inside the blower assembly.

BTU VIP98 Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 12:33:46 EDT 2007 | emilio1

Hello everyone; I was wondering if anyone has/knows where to get, VIP98 FCU calibration procedure. I know its a long shot but need to calibrate a few ovens and we�d like to see if its possible to do this in house, as we have a calibration lab.


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 13 15:47:44 EDT 2010 | dox

Somebody pressed the system set button and now the machine has an e-stop,lid open, and extraction error. checked the control relays and all is OK except one is not switching on. The cable comes from the FCU unit so suspect some config or settings are


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 17:14:05 EDT 2010 | jwentz

Seems we had similar issue years ago with our VIP 70. There are a series of 2pin axial fuses on the panel with the SS relays and contactors (I don't think it was over the FCU). Check each fuse with a meter; replaced ours and the e-stop cleared and th

BTU Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 09:41:30 EDT 2013 | giangi

Hello, I have 4 BTU Paragon 150s in the factory where I work for. One of them has a weird behaviour: in order to get the same thermal profile as for the other ovens, I have to increase a lot all the temperatures. I think there is something wrong with

BTU Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 03 16:52:22 EDT 2013 | smellew

Hi Yes, there is an FCU calibration procedure which may help you, for this information please contact us direct. Email llew@SurfaceMountEngineering.com Web: http://www.SurfaceMountEngineering.com Fuji, DEK, BTU, Ersa & Vi Technical support & service

Light tower events

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 08 05:22:47 EDT 2005 | Bored

The light events are: Red - Alarm - Indicates that an alarm exists.This also occurs when the emergency power stop button has been used to stop the belt and turn off heater power. Orange - Alert - Indicates that an alert condition exists. Green - R

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