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Chinese Production SMT Machines???

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 12:28:04 EST 2018 | deanm

How many feeders do you need and what is the price of each width? Factor that into your equation. Onsite service is coming from ??? Annual fees for tech support, etc.? Does it handle matrix trays? You might need that in the future.

MyData and their position on used equipment.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 11 14:59:22 EDT 2002 | pjc

Right or wrong, Mydata has a "second user" registration fee policy in order to recieve support. If you paid the fee then you get support. If you are a re-seller and not the end-user, that may explain the treatment you are getting. If you are an end-

Multi-part reeling for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 18 14:01:25 EDT 2004 | KEN

Unfortunately, smt machines are not like TH sequencers. But, that is in their favor. Multiple reels, multiple part types, many positions = very flexible. Offline setup is paramount to line utilization. Remember, you only make money when the machi

Software to test

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 08 00:47:15 EST 2005 | rodionp

Hello, I was wondering if anyone of you would like to test our software before we go release. The plan is to release that soft some time before March 2005. But before that I want to get people to use it with hopes that they will "brake" something...

Advice on used pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 13:36:30 EDT 2006 | ppminc

Phil, The QSA-30 was built by Sam Sung, Sold by Quad. Single Head 2 Nozzles around 11K CPH Quad does not support the machine but I believe you can get parts direct from Sam Sung. I am not sure if they have a registration fee. The QSA used Quad made

SMT Machine preference

Electronics Forum | Tue May 17 19:55:14 EDT 2016 | ttheis

We have been pretty happy with second hand Universal Instruments GSM machines from the mid 90's. They are pretty affordable on the used market for a small company like ours and there seems to be a good supply of new and used parts. Support is good fr

Re: "No sale no service" accepted?/ or a dumb idea

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 25 23:19:15 EDT 1998 | Jon Medernach

As an equipment vendor I can understand why some companys may choose not to deal with this type of equipment, I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT, but I understand it: stupidity, greed. As an OEM the cost of warranty and install is included in the sale price, if

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 12:04:05 EST 2005 | erokc

bobpan, thanks for the reply. I currently have a Quad 100 with no vision, well it had vision but is blind now and the vision system is not supported. Anyway, I use it for my own production. I can leave it set up for my product runs. Technology ch

Universal GSM1 manual

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 12:33:23 EDT 2007 | mika

If you run into any trouble with this, I will be more than happy to help you out. We have a spec. that includes everything that UIC says the transformer has to do. Now we contacted a local transformer manufactory; and guess what: we bought 8 of them

Where do I Start?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 12:37:56 EDT 2002 | genny

OK, back into the fray after being silent for several days. Yes maybe I was a little cranky. Sorry about that. However, I was starting from scratch, I knew nothing. I was nowhere near the point of evaluating whether XYZ machine was better than 12


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