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FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 15 00:50:45 EDT 2012 | mdang

Do anyone know a good field engineer or Technical Support for FUJI SMT CP42, CP643 in southern California? Thanks, -Michael


Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 27 11:28:42 EST 2013 | mdang

Could anyone help to connect a FUJI CP42 machine to a conveyer with stanard SMEMA? CP42 has 2 wire cable and small female connector label SMEMA (Not fit with stanard SMEMA). Thank you for all your help, -Michael

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 15 09:07:52 EDT 2012 | tommyttr

Greg Fraizer is who you need. Give him a call at ATI services.

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 20:36:02 EDT 2012 | marcelll

I am myself a good Fuji tech I'm located in Canada

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 11:50:42 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

Greg Frazier was no longer doing Fuji service last I checked

CP 43 manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 14:56:05 EDT 2013 | kdc45

Purchased 2 used Fuji CP43's and did not receive manuals with them. Have been using CP42 manuals to write procedures and looking for jigs for the vision systems to calibrate them. However, I cannot find the jigs with the part #'s that are in the CP42

servo overflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 10:09:53 EST 2005 | jimmyb

1. Is it reset-able (without power down)? 2. Is this a CP41 or CP42 (only 1 D motor)? 3. Any pattern, or just random? 4. How often, once a PCB, once a hour, etc?

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 25 15:53:46 EDT 2012 | markhoch

Greg Frazier! Now there's a name I haven't heard in almost 20 years. Dang! It's been eons since I've worked with Fuji. And Double Dang! I'm an old man!

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 01 11:20:14 EDT 2012 | jimmyboz

What exactly are you looking for, a service call, phone support, an emergency contact, or all of the above?

FUJI CP42, CP643

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 05:02:17 EDT 2012 | mdang

Hi Jimmy, I am basically looking for phone support. I am new to Fuji. Thanks, -Michael

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