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Missing component benchmarking

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 07 06:20:36 EST 2002 | HCC

Hi y'all, I know this could be sensitive information, but can I just start up a benchmarking sharing on the missing component rate in Fuji CP742 chipshooter? We've been seeing quite a few missing RLC components, and even some components that end up

Can F4G connect with more than 8 CP7 or QP3?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 08 22:18:28 EDT 2002 | liuguoyu

Now I have a set of F4G system,4 CP742E and 8 QP341,how do I connect them?

Board support of Fuji machines.

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 17:18:15 EDT 2008 | pstone

I am looking for idea�s for board support on Fuji CP642 thru CP742 and IP 3�s. We have tried using the Grid-lock system which worked on the IP�s but not on the CP�s. We have also tried using the Ready-set system and had the same results. We are gett

upgrading pnp

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 17:24:40 EST 2008 | kpm135

I work for a small electronic contract manufacture and we are currently evaluating pick and place equipement hoping to improve the quality of our build and increase our cappacity to boot. We are a high mix/low volume shop and I'd say our average buil


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