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QFNs in tubes. What is the best feeder to use for Juki?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 09:41:47 EST 2012 | charliedci

We have the same issues with QFN's on reels being cost prohibitive, so we also have to deal with tubes. We have had some luck with using a modified tube ran down (almost to the pick position) the channel of a belt feeder, assuming the QFN tube/channe

QFNs in tubes. What is the best feeder to use for Juki?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 11:41:02 EST 2012 | babe7362000

We are recieving many QFN's in Tubes instead of trays and tape. Does anyone have luck with these in a tube feeder, or vib plate? We cant justify to order a full reel because the cost of the part.

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 30 03:40:01 EDT 2018 | reckless

I dont have any big parts but im worried about your comment regarding QFN. Currently hunting someone for setup/training. Personally, I dont like 2 head systems but need reliable chip shooters. QYSMT only has used feeders currently as they are old.

SMT Machine preference

Electronics Forum | Tue May 17 19:55:14 EDT 2016 | ttheis

We have been pretty happy with second hand Universal Instruments GSM machines from the mid 90's. They are pretty affordable on the used market for a small company like ours and there seems to be a good supply of new and used parts. Support is good fr

Low cost prototyping machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 23 05:38:47 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi Ajay, That does look interesting - do you have any experience with it? if so: What does it cost? How much do the feeders cost? What is the placement accuracy? How well does it handle fine pitch QFPS/QFN's (I've never been a fan of dispensing pa

QFN Packages

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 10:52:59 EST 2005 | russ

Would these be the parts that have just pads located on the bottom of the part? If so, we place these every day in decent volumes and have never had any manufacturing problems with them. I cannot comment on the reliability since we are a contract M

new SM482 or 2nd hand YS12 ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 01:23:29 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

Dear Boddy In fact, they are incomparable. But I personally recommend that you choose YS12F. Since you have a large number of yamaha old-fashioned feeders, I think you must be more familiar with the yamaha brand. And are there many QFN.LGA.BGA.TQFP e


Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 16:05:27 EDT 2018 | aj

questions I asked: “It seems the vision system is not reliable. However, we need to get the procedure to create and debug fine pitch parts such as BGAs anf QFN’s to understand how the machine operates.: Common errors: • Even after doing the vision t

Juki vs Mydata... again...

Electronics Forum | Sat May 13 00:17:40 EDT 2006 | George S

I had Mydata for several years, and got a Juki 2060R about 8 months ago. If I had to choose today, it would be Juki again. The features which help me are bank changing, where I can set up offline and change over in two minutes for all feeders. The

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 12:44:33 EDT 2018 | robl

Hi Reckless, If it's a Standard Phillips Sapphire then no, they are not a beginner machine. The feeders have to be spot on and the machine requires a much longer service as they have 2 sets of 12 heads. Spares will start becoming harder to get soon

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