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Question about Juki file packages

Jan 23, 2020 | I am trying to write a program to pull the feeder location from juki smt files and I am having troub

Dual lane vs. single lane feeders for high mix

Dec 11, 2017 | That's not really the point of dual lane feeders. As a general rule having a dual lane 8mm feeder me

Simultaneous pick up with 0402 and 0201 components

May 5, 2016 | Not sure what you mean. 0201's and 0402's are both on 8mm feeders. Juki's will do simultaneo

Assembleon Gem series Feeders

May 29, 2013 | Is this the CL or CLi feeders? I've always gotten mine from Assembleon. Mostly because I can't seem

Assembleon CL feeders

May 9, 2013 | Looking for a good selection of Assembleon CL type feeders need all common sizes.

Quad IVc AutoProgram

Apr 3, 2013 | OK, so I think I have figured out the machine configuration for tape feeders. BTW, your procedure fo

Quad IVc AutoProgram

Apr 3, 2013 |

Looking for feeder for Juki 730 L pick and place?

Jan 17, 2013 | Umm.... any particular size?

Smt parts in strips

May 9, 2012 |

Mounting 0402 chips

Oct 12, 2011 | It looks like a nozzle size issue. Make sure you have the right nozzle size for the part as well as

Assembleon / Philips support. Ask your question.

Jun 4, 2010 | I have a question about assembleon vibration feeders. What is the process for loading tubes in thes

Agilis Feeder Inserts

Jan 20, 2010 | While on the topic of feeders I would like to ask a question about the Mydata Tube or stick feeders.

Agilis Feeder Inserts

Jan 12, 2010 | basically the rule of thumb for the 8mm feeder is that you only want one component exposed in the po

Agilis Feeder Inserts

Jan 11, 2010 | Could someone provide to me a definitive list of the component sizes used on the 4 types or colors o

SMT package to feeder size chart

Nov 7, 2008 | You might want to check out the empty feeder tape supplier websites. If you have a part they want t

SMT package to feeder size chart

Oct 23, 2008 | Was wondering if anyone has a general chart matching SMT package size with tape feeder size. E.g 060

Removable Feeder labels from dymo/Brother type printers????

Aug 15, 2008 | I am looking for a nice way to print labels, say 1/2"x1 1.5" which I can place on a feeder or IC tub

Universal Gold Feeders

Aug 11, 2008 |

Universal Gold Feeders

Aug 8, 2008 | Hey, I've been working with various Universal Gold Feeders sizes, and I've seeing that the senso

Intelligent feeders

May 15, 2008 | Japanese (He He) Good one Mark. I have NXT's and I know that the communication for the feeder siz

SMT feeder adapters

Jan 31, 2008 | The tubes don't fit the feeders? I have a Contact Systems vibratory feeder base on my CSM84. It co

SMT feeder adapters

Jan 31, 2008 |

GSM feeder O-ring size?

Dec 22, 2007 | How many do you need? I purchased 800 size 3x1 for our GSM feeders 2 years ago and still have enoug

GSM feeder O-ring size?

Dec 21, 2007 |

GSM feeder O-ring size?

Dec 20, 2007 | Hi All does anyone know the size of the o-ring on the front coupling on the GSM feeders? I kn

Philips Topaz programming question

Aug 13, 2007 | If you're getting that kind of error it's most likely that your feeder bank hasn't been told that th

Juki optimisation

Mar 23, 2007 | Possible head combinations to pick from multiple 12, 16, or 24mm feeders. Note: you can not mix fee


Feb 21, 2007 |


Mar 3, 2006 |

SMT Component placed upside down

Aug 2, 2005 | Tape feeders usually have a fixed pick position regardless of the package size. Is the component b

FUJI Line vs MY15 line

May 26, 2005 |

CP6 pickup errors

Feb 25, 2005 | In your PDs you must specify a single nozzle size. Meaning don't assume that entering nozzle size m

Automated Labeling for SMT Assembly

Jan 24, 2005 | We have a Hoover_Davis label feeder. We use on size label for most of our products so it works wel

Fuji CP troubleshooting

Jan 11, 2005 | I guess it will be the size of the feeder on that position (Perhaps you're using a 12x8 or 16x8)

Fuji CP troubleshooting

Jan 5, 2005 | what size feeder are you using there, when does this alarm occur :during prod?

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