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Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 07:48:39 EST 2021 | mbass

Go for Gen 2 NT feeders, the Gen 1 Feeders tend to be problematic the older they get whereas the Gen 2 feeders are a much better prospect. I've used 8, 12, 16, 24 and 44mm. Some problems to look out for is pull back of coverlay and removal of waste

Label feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 22:03:32 EDT 2006 | Frank

You are correct, the Hover Davis label feeder works on 'un-punched' flat carrier. Get a sample of your dots on the tape and send it to Hover Davis to see if their feeder will work for you. The Hover Davis feeder will peel the dot off of the tape so

0201 feeders

Electronics Forum | Sat May 13 00:25:00 EDT 2006 | George S

My Juki 0201 feeders work very well, but I don't know if they can fit your machine

Samsung feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 10:55:07 EST 2009 | wolverine

Will Samsung CP45 feeders work on a CP40 machine? Thanks

0201 feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 11:27:40 EDT 2006 | bobpan

no...there is no retrofit kit.....but if you find some good feeders....tear into them.....make sure everything is tight....about half the time you can make the feeder work ok. Also it doesnt hurt to use only one xf nozzle in the program so that only

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 17:32:17 EST 2020 | atpico

We are looking to buy a 2nd hand Europlacer p-n-p. We would be very grateful to have a real production competent opinion about EP feeders/trolleys Questions: 1. generally how good/bad are older (Gen1, Gen2) Europlacer feeders and trolleys systems

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 13:26:55 EST 2020 | atpico

Hello Dave, Thank you. I certainly look on Used Equipment Mart section. The question was if Gen 1 feeders/trolleys worth to invest or better try to buy EP Gen 2 feeders/trolleys even if significantly much expensier/rare on used machines market.

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 07:31:34 EST 2021 | atpico

Great! Thank you! What about Gen1 vs Gen2(NT) EP feeders (not feeder elements)

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 02:16:46 EST 2020 | davef

Used Equipment Mart [nav bar on the left margin of your screen] * SMTnet > Used Euipment Mart > RFQ [nav bar on the left margin of your screen]

Europlacer feeders and trolleys

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 10:47:48 EST 2021 | mbass

Hi, As a user of EP P&P machines for over 20 years I have used Gen 1 & Gen 2 Trolleys. If you can get Gen 2 Trolleys with Elements that would be the preference as there are a few options available on the Gen 2 not on Gen 1. That said the Gen 1 Trolle

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