Electronics Forum: feel cp7


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 20:50:26 EDT 2015 | mdang

My email mdang8129723@gmail.com. Thanks,-Michael

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 08:29:33 EST 2004 | Tim Goodman

well to add to your information .you are correct that you will get a cp8 instead of a cp7 and its cheaper.the cp7 range has been replaced by the cp8 because of the y 2 axis control that allows beter pickup of 402 and 0201 components.my moneys on the

Fuji CP7 0804P feeders

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 26 10:54:44 EST 2006 | smtek_cc

Would like to know if Fuji have made the CP7 0804P feeders in black body type. I currently purchased some 0804P feeders in black body type with the double safety lock. Someone said this is CP643 type. Not sure if this can be treated as CP7 feeders.

Fuji CP7 0804P feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 31 21:44:47 EST 2006 | fastek

Correct....if the feeders you purchased have 7" pans then they will work fine on a CP-6 or CP-7. If the pans are 13" and they are truly CP-6 feeders, they won't work on a CP-7. If you need to change out your pans I can help. I have a bunch of 13"

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 18:03:38 EDT 2004 | fastek

Also CP-7's have that feeder carriage quick change option which allows you to pull out the whole feeder carriage via a quick change cart and replace it with another one.

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 07:21:01 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

I have been told that if you order a CP7 machine right now, you will get a CP8.

Recommendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 23 00:47:54 EDT 2004 | Justanobody

Really? Unhappy with the support structure within Fuji. Is that why Jabil Brazil and Guad. are buying a boat load of Fuji's latest machine. Plus, the CP7 isn't sold any more. Get up to date, its a CP8.

Max and Min nozzle settings on CP7

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 13:06:10 EDT 2004 | jbabson1

If the CP7 is like the CP643, it defaults to the MAX size unless that nozzle is skipped. Then it would switch to the next smaller nozzle on that head.

Fuji CP7 0804P feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 04:11:44 EST 2006 | smtek_cc

Thanks! I will check the serial # on the body to figure it out for it should be CP6 or CP7. Carl

CP7 & CP8

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 12 00:27:38 EDT 2015 | mdang

CP7 & CP8 has a ftp server. Do anyone know the user name and password to login? Thanks, -Michael

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