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Soldering to an OSB surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 14:29:51 EST 2007 | jax

OSB ??? OSP !!! 1. The longer the soak, the fewer the Voids. 2. The Higher the soak, the fewer the Voids. Options 1 and 2 have downsides. You could call your paste supplier and see if they have a low-void solder paste... most likely formulated fo

Re: Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 17:49:52 EST 2000 | JAX

Chuck, The smaller the pitch, the more package preferences will lean towards Trays. I would tape everything down to .025", maybe .020". With tape and reel you have fewer chances to place wrong polarity due to excessive part changes. Also part pick

dry oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 16:30:55 EDT 2002 | sleech

Dan: Until I got deep into development of a vacuum assisted moisture removal process, I always thought that the bake process would be saddled by the lack of atmosphere in the chamber. I later learned that the conduction of temperature at reduced atm

Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 17:00:59 EST 2000 | Charles Morehouse

I am interested to know what people prefer for fine pitch packaging. Tape/Reel or Waffle tray for .031", .025", .020", .015" pitch components? What is the most robust packaging (i.e. fewer bent leads, etc.) Chuck

Quad Laurier Die Feeder?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 08:43:21 EST 2001 | davef

Cal: Thanks for your comments. We all should do our best to sure that others' comments are accurate. It is important to help maintain the integrety of the Forum and for personal devlopment. It would be good if we had fewer threads like: PCB

0402 stencil design

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 17:24:07 EST 2003 | jonfox

we have some pretty tight 0402 placements and our best fix was to reduce the pad (vertically speaking) from .030x.022 to .020x.022. Fewer tombstones and the paste flows out to the edge of the pads nicely. Only difference is that we have a 6mil sten

Tin Lead BGAs in leadfree paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 12:06:56 EST 2006 | billyd

muse- I agree with you. You should never mix chemistries if you don't absolutely have to. If you HAVE to, you can go with a lead free BGA with leaded paste with much fewer defects than the other way around.

CSP and BGA soldering difference.

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 09:45:08 EDT 2007 | pjc

CSP= Chip Scale Package, meaning small. A MicoBGA is a CSP, while a regular BGA is not a CSP. CSPs require fewer steps to fabricate than standard BGAs. A commonly quoted definition of a CSP is a package where the body size is


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 15:54:53 EDT 2002 | davef

Ken: Responding to your comments: * If buyers were to communicate better and be more involved with manufacturing, they would make less money. [1] There�d be fewer cases of �Jack� on the home doorstep at Christmas-time. [2] The buyer�s budget would

Parylene Coating of Plastic Parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 13:39:44 EDT 1999 | Dave Weihrauch

Has anyone out there tried to parylene coat plastic parts prior to soldering them to a pcb? I'm looking at several potential applications where fewer than 5% of my components on a pcb are plastic, yet from a reliability aspect (environmental conditio

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