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GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 11:23:45 EST 2016 | ttheis

Yes, that was the issue. Parts are on the pads now. Thanks!

GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 08 09:57:04 EST 2016 | rgduval

Make sure that your fiducials are selected to be used for global correction. I've had this problem with our machine running OS2, and in the UI for that, you have to select the fiducials in the fid screen, and then there's a menu option to select the

GSM1 not performing fiducial PEC?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 18:23:30 EST 2016 | ttheis

Hi everyone, I'm about 90% to running production on my gsm but I'm not able to get the machine to look at fiducial marks and make corrections to the placement. When I run advanced board configuration and seek to the first fiducial the pec camera tra

GSM1 occasional fault

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 04 03:54:46 EST 2010 | mika

Hi, I know that I been out for this exact error message before (several years ago) and I am just thinking about it. It was something simple... Ok. When You say stops in the middle of placement phase; Do you mean in the first task block, have it alre

Re: Universal FlexJet!!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 21:46:29 EST 1999 | C4 GSM GURU

| | Hey, all you Pro's out there I am looking for someone that has worked with the Universal FlexJet. We have been Beta testing one for a couple of months now and are having problems with interfacing optimization software with it. I would


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