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Re: Fiducials

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 22 05:39:58 EST 1999 | Scott Davies

We are currently using circle, cross and double-cross(#) fiducial patterns with SiPlace equipment. Most of the problems seem to occur when, in the case of a HASL fiducial mark, a PCB is topside reflowed, goes away for thru-hole and comes back for bot

Placement Program Tweaking

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 23:30:35 EDT 2001 | Ivan Rojas

Well Dave ,,, ,, first thing I should do ,, is check my CAD data , and make sure match with the program in the pick and place machine ,, right now I work with Siemens and GC-Place ,,, In my case it may be other things to look for ,,, if is everythin

Siemens S27HM PCB camera display not showing in monitor

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 03:32:19 EST 2021 | ravikumargv

Dear All, In S27HM siplace machine PCB camera images not display and when i try to teach feeder potion or fiducial position PCB camera light is glowing but, images not showing in monitor, kindly help what is the root cause for this issues... Regard

Siemens waffle pack Changer problems _ Help Please!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 14:05:58 EST 2008 | edmneb

We recently acquired a Siemens Siplace F3 and a S15 machine, and I am having a few problems with the machines. We have always been a Universal shop, so I am not really familiar with the Siplace machines, and need some help from all of you folks out

Fiducial Shapes---

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 13 11:21:19 EST 2002 | dphilbrick

Since you asked for more here is my $ .02. There are many different vision systems, camera and software combinations that will make each make and model machine work differently. For instance a 1999 Siplace machine might work best with a 1.5mm round F


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