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Data file open error

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 00:14:45 EDT 2018 | leeg

We have a Dek Horizon and we have started getting a data file open error when trying to save files. This is resulting in us having to re-teach board fiducials etc in every time we switch back to a previous job. Any ideas?

Gerber file format requirement

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 14:47:49 EDT 2018 | tsvetan

RS274D contain just NC info and requires external aperture file, RS274X combine aperture and NC info together. You can download RS274X format specs and learn them, it's easy to make RS274X from RS274D + aperture file (basically you copy the aperture

DEK INFINITY printer file could not be opened.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 17 06:46:39 EDT 2018 | godless

After fresh install and loading only machinekey + stdeaf files it worked, thanks. But still there is camera problem which appeared from the beginning. I attached files where you can see error details. Software reinstallation not solved issue. Then ca

HELP! Need MCH file to CSM84V-III and CSM66-III

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 11:51:52 EDT 2010 | arek

Hi, I bought Philips CSM machines (CSM66-III and CSM84V-III). I need flopy disc with some files (MCH, VIS, FDR). I created MCH file but the machine send me an error message: BAD FORMAT DATA. Could anyone help me and send me correct files. Thanks

DEK INFINITY printer file could not be opened.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 15 04:15:36 EDT 2018 | godless

After reinstalling software, i get message when loading printer: "A printer file could not be opened, therefore the printer cannot be started. Please inster your calibration diskette and press confirm. or contact or contact DEK customer support. Pres

F4G CP4 Optimizer: Cycle time table file not found?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 13:22:24 EST 2010 | rodrigo

Hi All, I'm trying to use the F4G CP-4 optimizer. I cleared all the issues I was having except for this error I get at the end: Execute, 2030: Cycle Time table file not found I see a file in one of the folders named CP4_CYC.TBL but I'm not sure if

DEK Horizon 03i

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 06 07:23:27 EDT 2014 | gascon5383

well the camera errors didn't post. File Line Error Context File Line Error Context Line Error Context

Samsung CP40CV

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 12:21:06 EST 2018 | kahrpr

Its been a long time but there is a file called ERROR.dat there should be one called erroreng.dat or something like that just rename that file error.dat

unicam fx 8.0 flexa seamless connection

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 23 15:14:11 EST 2009 | bking

I recently had to change pc's because of a crash, I can't get the flexa exporter to work, it keeps coming up with the following error: Converting CAD file Error [L: 0 C: 0] Failed to acquire API library file "FlexaUnicamFxToolkitProxy.dll". Mes

MCS 30 controller

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 23 22:01:15 EDT 2006 | smtek_cc

My friend just purchased a MCS30 controller(A) recently, but this controller doesn't have the error code file in the system. If I can find another normal functioning MCS30 controller(B), how can I extract the error file from it(B) and what is the pr

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