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How to convert text file or gerber file into cad file with cadEasy software of omron

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 08:38:54 EST 2019 | kgarlapa

We use gerber file for pick and place in smt machines, but in aoi we use cad files. Can you please suggest me how to convert gerber file into cad file by using cadEasy software of omron.

Mentor file

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 11:08:47 EDT 2007 | cman

I keep getting mentor files from my customers, they are supplied for us to extract the placement files from (ref des, x, y, theta) to date we struggle getting the data out of this file, does anyone know of a software that will strip the placement fil

mydata program file locations

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 15:04:06 EDT 2009 | rgduval

Put the files on a floppy. At the machine, use the import file tool to bring the file in; tell it that you're importing from floppy. The machine will find the appropriate files on the floppy, and import them to the correct directories. cheers ..ro

CAD Formats

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 13:10:45 EDT 2013 | dontfeedphils

Is there a quick way to tell what type of CAD file a file is by the file extension? (My current software doesn't have the ability to scan through the files I have for CAD data, only gerbers and drill files).

HPGL Files

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 11 21:42:29 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

I used to create the file in AutoCAD and save in HPGL format. Open this HPGL file in GCCAM. Hope this is useful

Anyone who can help opening this .pcb file and converting it to gerber file?

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 10 03:14:36 EDT 2017 | bukas


sample USER.MCH file for older Phillips CSM 84VIII

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 18:27:36 EST 2016 | hlabs

I purchased a Phillips CSM 84V III for a backup machine several years ago and finally getting around to setting it up. When the floppy is inserted for loading the USER.MCH (also the .FDR and .VIS files) the screen reads file not found but is on the f

ODB++ vs Gerber file

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 01 08:26:19 EST 2002 | Rama

What is the different between ODB++ compared to gerber files. Can PCB manufacturer use ODB++ to fabricate PCB. Why it is always hv to use gerber file, when ODB++ is more accurate file ? Pls help. Thank you.

ODB++ vs Gerber file

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 18:50:36 EST 2002 | nifhail

Thanx Dave, Am I right to say that the Gerber files are the graphic files, wherelse ODB++ is a CAD file, right ? cheers..

Convert Gerber files to Cad (text file).

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 20:48:10 EDT 2004 | Ninh The Vu

Hi, Is there any CAD software that helps converting gerber file into cad (text file)? Any input will be great help. Thanks and regards, NTV

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