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wave soldering two times

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 04 07:44:25 EDT 2007 | davef

Thermal cycle* * Requirements for and troubleshooting of poor barrel fill => Hole fill

Improving PTH fill using select solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 19 09:24:21 EST 2012 | swag

Many times we manually add flux from the top side for good fill.

Fill a stencil openings with what?!

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 05 15:54:51 EDT 2008 | hasu

Hi All! I remember reading and seeing some (maybe Loctite) product which could be used to fill stencil apertures, but now when I need one, I cannot find it. Or anything like. Can some one please guide me? And with filling I mean permanent filling, n

Barrel fill with Pb Free Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 10 00:15:07 EST 2008 | jeffjarmato

Are there any good solutions for getting good barrel fill on PTH boards using Pb Free solder and No Clean flux. All of our boards are having issues getting minimum required fill per IPC. It does not matter if the board is 062 or thicker, any pin conn

How to Differentiate Class 3 and Class 2 products in terms of process

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 10 09:04:47 EST 2015 | jandon

class 3 requires 100% barrel fill Class 3 requires 75% vertical fill of solder for component with less or more than 14 leads. Not 100% fill.

Trying to solder on the solder destination to fill PTHs. Does any IPC standard have requirements for this?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 22 23:46:27 EST 2018 | jaypark

Some PTHs on a board in the product I am building are not filled enough to meet the IPC-610-F requirement(at least 75% vertical fill) . I have no access to the solder source side due to something installed right beneath it. In order to completely

Clean vs No Clean PCB assembly process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 22:52:47 EDT 2001 | davef

GT 8 years ago every board saw "touchup". Touch was done to fix boards to conform to A-610. Now A-610 allows less than complete hole fill. Our operators were totally freaking nuts about touching boards. They touched each others touch and on and o

Plated through via's in pads.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 13:12:25 EST 2003 | Jim Mills

Use a PCB fab house that is capable of "Conductive Via Filling" is the way to do it right. A conductive epoxy is used to fill the drilled via PRIOR to final plating. After final plating, the surface of the "Filled Via" will appear to be the same as t

SN100C wetting problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 12:20:33 EDT 2007 | jdumont

There are a lot of areas that could be leading to this problem. We have some of these issues on some boards with this solder as well but the hole fill still meets IPC class 3 requirement of 75% vertical hole fill. Through hole diameter is important.

Wave Solder issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 17 16:31:53 EDT 2014 | dyoungquist

Per IPC-A-610D: Target is 100% vertical fill but 75% vertical fill is acceptable for Class 1,2,3. Only needing 75% fill of the barrel when soldering plate through on an 0.093" thick board with our selective solder has been a life saver at times.

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