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Reflow of large monoblock ceramic filters thermal shock?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 06 06:11:18 EDT 2014 | paulg

I have a large monoblock ceramic filter on a PTFE based pcb material. The filter has a metal casing soldered onto the ceramic filter. I am concerned that if the heating rate is to rapid, then thermal shock / differential expansion could cause the fil

Reflow of large monoblock ceramic filters thermal shock?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 09 11:11:57 EDT 2014 | cyber_wolf

What does the technical data sheet for the component recommend for reflow profile ? Can you post a photo of the component ?

Soldering fumes

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 22:07:05 EST 2001 | davef

Your carbon filters are getting gummed-up by the smoke component of the fumes. [Your carbon filter is intended to remove the vapor portion of the fumes.] You need a cheap bag filter in front of the carbon filter that you can sacrifice. These fumes

PCB Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 07:09:27 EDT 1998 | Brian K Heston

List, Is there any special disposal protocol needed when the filters on the PC board washer becomes clogged? How often do these filters become clogged? These filters would trap lead and such so how much does it cost to get rid of the filters? Bria

US Filter owns Culligan

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 10 16:37:10 EST 2001 | James

US Filter owns Culligan

main air filter of pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 18 21:32:11 EDT 2006 | smaintech

Hi! Where can i get an air filter for our pick and place machines?

panasonic kme nozzle dust filter

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 16 02:39:18 EST 2020 | originoat

panasonic kme nozzle dust filter original part PN 010DC181502

Kester 959 Flux : Clogging filter ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 15:36:37 EST 2002 | gtemple

We used no clean flux and experience the little filter in the flux tank going black. How long until it goes black? Could the pump be damaged, or you may have to start changing the filter regularily

Balston Filter

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 11:52:41 EST 2008 | soudomphong

Please don't tell me that this filter is $400 dollars something. I am looking for Balston Filter model number 2104N1B1BX. Does anybody have any idea where to get it and how much? Thanks.

New Facility Advise/Questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 12:21:21 EST 2020 | rgduval

We wanted to filter the exhaust from the oven and selective solder...so, the ducting from the machines went into a common plenum that contained both a particulate filter, and a HEPA filter. That plenum exhaust was connected to a roof fan that vented

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