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Process Costing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 03 11:32:09 EDT 2008 | realchunks

Wrap your Final QA inspection into your Final Test and call it a day.

CIM systems and Final Assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 22 11:15:22 EST 2001 | bphilips

CIM systems for electronics are very PCB-centric in that they�re not designed for final assembly. Is there anything available that can take me from assembly to final assembly and shipment?

Cracking solder joints

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 16:40:45 EST 1999 | Dave Waddick

I have a product using high temperature solder to connect terminal pins to a PCB. The board is single sided copper, no plaiting. The solder is 95% tin 5 % silver. The flux is low activity rosin. The product is a subassembly. When the product is

Socketed Parts (PLCC)

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 15:15:12 EDT 2002 | jsherrow

Water trapped under the PLCC (in the socket)during the wash was our reason for installing at final assembly.

ENIG poor wetting

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 31 17:35:16 EDT 2002 | davef

* Finally, when soldered by hand, do the problem pads take solder? Yes, the XRF analysis will be interesting.

speedline sale

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 12:24:54 EST 2003 | frank

cookson has announced sale of speedline final

QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 12:08:19 EDT 2006 | vikkaraja

Hey Mark, what was the final outcome of your problem. Thanks.

AOI Joint Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 10 05:57:20 EDT 2008 | leeg

Anyone use AOI instead of final inspection for analysing joint quality? If so any good?


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 18:25:57 EDT 2010 | dman97

Thanks for all the repiles. I finally got this machine up and running. Thanks again.

Samsung Quad QSA 30 Final setup

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 18:54:34 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

Make sure the board size is big enough. the placement can not be outside of the board size.

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