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SMT / AI process information.

Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 20:37:15 EDT 2000 | Chua

Hi, I'm had transfer to process engineer and I would like to find some information on SMT/AI process trouble-shooting information. Where can I find this information. Can it be find in webside or any books. Thanks.

help with ODM's

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 02:32:41 EDT 2004 | brownegg

yep, its the original device manufacturer. I'm trying to find out which ODM's those companies use. Especially wanna find out the ODM's based in Taiwan. The main aim of this is to find out who they source their computer parts from. thanks in advan


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 24 07:57:12 EST 2005 | davef

It's a good question. These are the expensive failures you want to avoid, because your customer finds them. [It's easy to find the cheap failures, those that you find before they leave your plant.] Google "esd latent damage" to begin your investiga

Where to find spare parts for Panasonic SPP A 2624F printer ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 25 16:01:08 EST 2006 | gipos

Dear all, Please help me to find out where we can find a Z axis camera motor for Panasert SPP A- M (NM 2624F)paste printer ?? Thank you Mike ZIG

Datasheet for VIA BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 07 09:21:46 EDT 2008 | mbnetto

Hello, I have some troubles to find datasheets for BGA VIA Tech. I found some datasheets, but the thermal information I can not find this information. Can anybody help me how can I find the thermal information? Thanks...

BGA basics

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 23 15:44:32 EDT 2012 | rway

The prices you have been given for rework stations are for new systems. You can find cheaper systems (much cheaper) out there from used equipment dealers. X-ray will be harder to find, but you may find one that will suit your needs at a reasonable

Placement tolerances (CM402, CM212, CM602)

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 30 16:02:47 EST 2015 | dhollland

May I ask where you were able to find this information? I have been unable to find much Panasonic information online. I would really like to find something that helped with their PT and PanaCIM systems.

Re: solderballs after wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 14:02:02 EDT 2000 | JAX

Caumel, You should be able to find sufficient info in the archives. Solder Balls probably hold the majority of posts and should be easy to referance. You can find out what causes them in relation to board material, profile tempature, wave type, flu

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 11:21:26 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Question...when the machine said something was wrong, was it reading something wrong (false failure), or was there a true descrepancy but not one that resulted in a bad connection (bridge or insufficient)? Also, did you perform a DOE on the process

Finding MSL Levels

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 10:58:23 EDT 2011 | killa12356

This is probably a stupid question but how come it is so hard to find moisture sensitivity levels from some manufacturers. Data sheets don't show this information.Is there any easy way of finding this out other than contacting the manufacturer or doi

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