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SMT Connector, Placement Issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 03:53:21 EDT 2008 | finetech_bln

Hi - maybe FINETECH (http://www.finetech.de ) can help you. They did evaluate the reworkability of SAMTEC connectors. The FINEPLACER Pico offers 5 �m placement accuracy (http://www.finetech.de/enid/picors ) - the precise placement should not be much

BGA: reworking BGAs, testing and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 15:07:49 EST 2010 | hegemon

With regards to the rework, size and mass of the PCBs is important, in addition to the size of the components that are to be reworked. You might be in the game with $6K (APE Chipmaster Hot Air machine with Preheater or similar setup) if you have sma


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