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QFN32 Vision Type on Fuji FIP3???

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 05:56:24 EST 2006 | aj

Hi All, Can anyone advise what the most suitable Vision type to use on QFN32 inspection Fuji FIP3 Machine. Also the P=Pattern.. Thanks in advance, aj...

Fuji CP4 FIP3 Vitronics SDMR500 available for spares

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 08:08:03 EST 2017 | aj

Fuji CP43 all spares available Fuji FIP3 all spares available Vitronics SMR500 reflow still in production available

FUJI programming

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 29 18:19:06 EDT 2005 | FAC

It should only be VT:100. Are you thinking of Vision Number? That field is not used on a FIP3.

LLL Driver area error ( Fuji FIP3)

Electronics Forum | beta |

Tue Jan 02 02:32:06 EST 2007

Fuji FIP3 Vibratory Feeders - Top plate & stoppers

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 14:12:21 EDT 2007 | mmjm_1099


Fuji FIP3 Vibratory Feeders - Top plate & stoppers

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 09:10:04 EDT 2007 | dwarf flip (I'm actually considered a giant in my tribe)

get 'em tape and reeled and save yourself the headache!

Fuji FIP3 Vibratory Feeders - Top plate & stoppers

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 09:38:07 EDT 2007 | poultorp

Cyncrona A/S we make them (danish dept.)

FuJi IP 3 - CRTA event I/O

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 16:49:16 EDT 2010 | nguyennca

I have an error that stop FIP 3 from running. The error is "FIP OSS2 R3.1Bi CRTA event I/O. If anyone knows what this error is about then please help. Thanks

cpk measurement on fuji equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 09:57:25 EDT 2001 | johnw

Hi guys I am looking for any info on cpk values IE fcp6, fip2,fip3 What are the variables to consider for placement times and part sizes. Cheers

Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 08:54:18 EDT 2005 | jdengler

-Are you running a program that worked before or is it a new program? -Is there any reason to suspect that the proper has been edited between working and error condition? Jerry

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