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First article inspection

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 10:34:58 EST 2011 | kkay

We are looking into the Cluso first article system and would like to know if anyone is using it and how they like it. Also is there any other companies with similar systems?

First article inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 15:23:18 EST 2011 | jlawson

Take a look at AOI Systems from UK...They offer similar systems but also offers some AOI inpsection features not just first article....http://www.aoisystems.com/

FAI Program ? First article inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 23 11:22:37 EDT 2023 | kirill

Well, title. There are couple different FAI machines, but from what I've seen, there is some application that floating around the internet that allows you to scan the assembled board before reflow on AIO machine for JPG file, and then run in into FAI

BGA & QFP post reflow inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 03:12:02 EDT 2005 | Dr . Klein

Hello all. I need some advice for first article inspection process. I will explain my problem with this process: In our site we are doing a manually FAI before reflow for every assembly. One of the steps is to check the writing on each QFP or BGA (e

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 06:56:11 EDT 2003 | emeto

Hi, I am interested in 2D inspection system.Principle work important parameters,requirements etc.If anyone can help please reply.Any articles,pdf,url or books?Any place I can read about it?

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 15 08:38:23 EDT 2003 | pjc

Don't have any specific links to papers and articles. Try searching on the IPC.org (plus APEX show http://www.goapex.org) and SMTA.org web sites. Any papers and articles on the process from equipment mfg.'s should be taken with a grain of salt. Sold

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 14 23:05:13 EDT 2003 | Greg Ross

Try looking at http://www.tresmine.com.au website for first off inspection unit. Look in the Cluso Inspection Systems section.

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 15:01:29 EDT 2003 | swagner

Go to http://www.gsilumonics.com we use several of their systems for both paste and component inspection and week in and week out maintain a 99.85%+ first pass yield on a no post reflow repair line.

Help me increase my first pass yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 11:23:44 EDT 1998 | Frank S

If you could measure and chart 3 variables in my process, what would they be? The boards that I produce are on panels that are 12up and 2x4 up. All boards are single sided paper base w/o plated thru holes. They are on scored panels that measure 7"

Re: Help me increase my first pass yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 15:02:38 EDT 1998 | M. Faisal Pandit

Frank, A couple of suggestions: 1. You may consider investing in a SPC Software package which would allow you to do a detailed analysis of your process. Panasonic's CIM Software Product, PanaPRO, has a well defined SPC application that can be used fo

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