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Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 19 14:54:44 EDT 2010 | jamyboy

Has anyone out there successfully switched from First Pass Yield to DPMO metrics and most importantly, sold MGMT on the change?

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 19:24:00 EDT 2001 | sharafali

It has been mentioned that DPMO offers large advantages over First Pass yield calculations for measuring process performance!!regarding the same I have a few queries: What are the benchmarks for using DPMO as measures of process performance? How is

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 12:25:26 EDT 2001 | Steve

To be honest with you, it doesn't really matter how you present the data, as long as you understand what the problems are. Bottom line is who cares what the numbers are unless you are doing something about it. Are you able to track the individual de

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 13 13:29:06 EDT 2001 | mparker

Dave et al, I just print out and read a copy of the aforementioned recommended article. Mr. Mangin gives a clear picture of why DPMO is to be considered a more pure data than First Pass Yield (FPY). However, I must note that his interpretation of h

First Pass Yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 23 09:41:36 EST 2006 | Jon

The DPMO is a far better measure - first pass yield doesn't give you any indication on quality or effectiveness of test step. If you want 100% first pass yield, test nothing - works every time - you see where I am coming from..........

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 13:46:46 EDT 2001 | mparker

To clarify on "Opportunities"- With 1000 components, the opportunities are far greater than 1000. You have 1 opportunity per component for a component defect i.e. bent lead, damaged part, tested bad, etc. You have a second opportunity per component

First Pass Yields

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 22:21:18 EST 2006 | John S.

I would think it would be more productive to compare DPMO. Particularly across different products. A simple board of 20 components should yield much higher than a complex board of 200 components. Also, some consideration should be given to the dif

Yield levels

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 12:33:21 EDT 2002 | slthomas

Not sure if you're trying to improve your defect rate (we use dpmo) or your test yield. The question is what do you do if you're happy with your dpmo levels but not some of your first pass yield numbers because certain boards have more parts. Inspe


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:46:01 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

In the past year I was responsible for developing and leading a Team focused on AOI, Evaluation, Justification, and with a full ROI required, supporting a HMLV manufacturing environment. If you have in these economic times the additional resources t

DPMO as a metic to qualify a CEM as World Class

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 17:17:21 EST 2007 | russ

i would say that you are there already. with 10,000 DPM0 you have a 1% fallout, you are at 99.9 basically. 1 out of a 1000 boards will fail? of course one thing we need to know is how many opportunitites do you count for a chip resistor for exam


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