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Voids in solder fillet

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 17:41:13 EDT 2003 | Takfire

Dave, I truly appreciate your efforts in providing information. Excellent input with the fishbone data. I will put together a presentation later tonight. I hope to return the favor in the future in regards to MLCC manufacturing or application.

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 15:15:17 EDT 2008 | patrickbruneel

I have a tendency to agree with CK Experience and accomplishments in wave soldering are more valuable then the degree. Remember wave soldering is not taught in school although it is a vital process in the electronics assembly. The quality and relia

Solder paste process

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 25 19:17:36 EDT 2009 | newtfly

Emilio, I have a fishbone diagram that I can e-mail to you that shows the MANY variables in the paste print process. There is only one way to determine for certain that the printer is doing it's job, and that is with a true 3D paste inspection proc

Conveyor Angle - Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 10:30:14 EST 2011 | SheanDalton

My recollection is 6 degrees; but, I suspect the type of wave formation on the backside has an effect. Here's a few notes from an old fishbone chart: Too low angle: excessive solder, icicles, bridging High angle: insufficient solder, voids or outga

How to associate the patterns in SPC charts to the root causes o

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 09:27:04 EST 2003 | davef

First, welcome to SMTnet. On your question, are you talking about control charts? If so, here's some background on control charts http://deming.eng.clemson.edu/pub/tutorials/qctools/ccmain1.htm What are you plotting: * Independant variables? * De

Voids in solder fillet

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 16:43:09 EDT 2003 | davef

Background: * Bulwith, Ronald A., �Failure Analysis of Solder Joints�, �Insulation/Circuits� magazine, February 1978 * Banks, Donald R., et al., �The Effects of Solder Joint Voiding on Plastic Ball Grid Array Reliability�, Proceedings of the Technica

Ready, Shoot, Aim!!!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 08:26:01 EST 2001 | Robert J. Latino

Dear David, Like Mr. Robert Nelms, I must be included in the "anal" consultants category. While I understand your frustration and dissatisfaction with whatever approach you were using, there is progress being made out there. The "right" consulta

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 01 20:48:44 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi, I agree that professional-role accountability (QA, Process, Manufacturing, Materials, etc...) is of paramount importance. in fact nothing yielding results, gets to be done without followup in continual improvement action unless individuals are

Re: wave solder process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 14:55:27 EDT 1999 | JohnW

| | Does anyone know where I can find a list of things to do to when troubleshooting issues during the wave solder process? | | | | for example: | | | | Solder Bridge | | 1.verify amount of flux been aplied. | | 2.verify turbulance on your solder w

Process control, SMT inspection and rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 21:40:26 EDT 2002 | ianchan

We are a local enterprise with limited resources, just like you described, so hope this experience sharing helps : we place a production Visual Mechanical Inspection (VMI) inspector at the end of each Reflow Oven area, complete with magnify scope 30


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