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Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 04:05:39 EDT 2007 | bartlozie

I'm looking for a SMT prototype & small series assembly machine, needs to be very accurate, no need for high speed. For assembly batch size 1 to 50 pcb's. The machine needs to be accurate and flexible, able to place chips 0402 up to BGA components.

Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 07:17:22 EDT 2007 | bartlozie

Thanks, in what range of price is this mydata machine located at, with � 80 feeders, 20 whide feeders, 20 stick feeders regards Bart

Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 05:47:14 EDT 2007 | pavel_murtishev

Good afternoon, Nevertheless, MyData is definitely better for prototyping due to much higher flexibility. It definitely better deals with odds and ends. BR, Pavel

Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 07:38:25 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Hi Bart, I would suggest MyData. They are good for protos because they are very flexible. You can use strips of parts with no leaders. This is huge unless your customer / company deals with nothing but full reels. You can even teach it to pick u

Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 14:20:29 EDT 2007 | rons

A My-9 which will hold 96 8mm will run you $150K. That's a refurbed unit directly from Mydata with feeders (magazines) and warrenty. I know because I recently priced one out. The Tp series is much cheaper in price but you sacrifice speed if that is

Prototype SMT assembly machine

Electronics Forum | Sat May 19 02:42:03 EDT 2007 | vinitverma

Hi Bart, I suggest you have a look at Assembleon's OPAL XII. They have a special offer at this moment. You can select the machine with 4 heads (standard) and later if higher speed is needed, you can upgrade it to 8 heads. the machine is capable of h

smt basics

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 07:21:00 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

Depends how much money you have in your budget. You have to break down your assembly into the different components and figure out what can be done by machine and what can't. Then search for machine that can do the jobs. There are consultant firms tha

smt basics

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 10:59:23 EDT 2004 | Evtimov

Hi, It depends of your boards(are they for SMD or not) and how many boards you assemble. The process at all is like that: 1.Stencil printer - to adjust the paste 2. Pick and place machine(for your quantity) 3.Reflow oven Theese are the machines you

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 10:43:31 EDT 2015 | dazdoc1977

Cheers Rob, I thought that I wasn't far from the true answer....I figured that if we were to use a "first piece assembly " quote to get a first off through smt production, This would include start to finish process....e.g Programming to first board

How to fix flex bent after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 14:28:12 EDT 2022 | emeto

Hello colleagues, I have a very long flex assembly that I run on a SMT carrier by bending assembly in the middle. This crates a curve after reflow, which I want to get rid if. Any ideas.

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