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flex circuits printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 12:55:46 EDT 2001 | rob_thomas

Hello , any specific insights about printing on flex circuits?

flex circuits printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 13:43:49 EDT 2001 | jschake

I cannot report having experience with 0201 printing applications on flex circuits. Generally, I would be concerned with handling of the flex substrate. A carefully designed vacuum capable custom tooling fixture would likely be required to ensure p

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 04:42:13 EDT 2017 | pavel_murtishev

Laser or milling.

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 13:35:28 EDT 2017 | jmathis

Hello All, I was given an assembled flex circuit PCB and asked how the board was depanelized as there are no view-able witness marks that I can see. Any ideas? Thanks in advance on any insight to depanelizing without leaving witness marks on the F

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 02:33:20 EDT 2017 | pcbfox

Hi , Can you put a pic here ?

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Mon May 15 02:31:21 EDT 2017 | robl

or pressing, or cutters and linishing if low volume. If high volume I'm with Pavel on routing.

Rigid flex

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 12:41:03 EDT 2013 | srinu10136

Rigid flex is a PCB Which is flex circuit and rigid in fabrication of internal layers. This allows the designers to fabricate a single circuit with improving performance. click here to know more details.

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 05:58:52 EDT 2017 | claire_08

Hello. gerber file is important. sending here http://www.pcbgogo.com/j best solutions will return back to you.

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 07:16:06 EDT 2017 | stephendo

Don't rule out the possibility that the board shop depanelized it and it was assembled after depanelization. Been there, dealt with it, expletives deleted.

Flex circuits

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 18:17:21 EDT 2004 | jsloot

This is all very interesting. One obsticle I have to live with is I have an adhesive backing applied to the flex circuit before being placed on the pallet. Once gone through the reflow process the flex board goes through a couple of assembly stages a

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