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Rigid flex

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 12:41:03 EDT 2013 | srinu10136

Rigid flex is a PCB Which is flex circuit and rigid in fabrication of internal layers. This allows the designers to fabricate a single circuit with improving performance. click here to know more details.

flex circuits printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 19 13:43:49 EDT 2001 | jschake

I cannot report having experience with 0201 printing applications on flex circuits. Generally, I would be concerned with handling of the flex substrate. A carefully designed vacuum capable custom tooling fixture would likely be required to ensure p

Alternate Solders/methods of flex attachment to pcb's

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 19:34:32 EST 2006 | Tom Smykowski

Omar: I dealt with this so called "hot bar" process also, and you're right; it's neither reliable nor repeatable. The goal was to attach a flex LCD display to another flex circuit. The flex LCD was constructed of resin and conductive silver particl

0201 Aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 18:45:56 EDT 2002 | davef

Get started with an "On-Board Forum" [blue bar an inch down from the top of the page] moderated by Jeff Schake at DEK that was a discussion focused on stencil printing issues with 0201 technology. Chris: Are you putting 0201 on flex? If so, sounds

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 06:21:05 EDT 2004 | C Lampron

Hi Chris, Acually, it worked pretty good. We made a new blade from SS. We were not sure if it would work so we diddn't want to commit a good sqeegee blade. You will want to try to keep the cutaway toward the center of the blade. And don't hit the fl

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 07:07:34 EDT 2004 | C Lampron

Hello Chris, "It sticks up about 3/8" or so above the surface of the board." Is this over the ridgid portion of the PCB or in between? Is it possible to create a support fixture for printing that has relief that will allow the flex to bow downward i

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 15:28:06 EDT 2004 | rohman23

Actually, it's not even close to 3/8". It's more like 0.075"...not sure what I was smoking last night (I tried to guess on dimensions from my house, and now I have one in front of me). Anyway, to answer your question, the bulge is in between side A

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 09:31:33 EDT 2004 | C Lampron

Hi Chris, It sounds like you may have to go with your idea of a relief cut into the stencil. Are there any components that need to be printed in close proximity? Is this a high volume?I used to work at a flex house and we had a similar situation. We

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 19 10:54:24 EDT 2004 | rohman23

This (along w/ everything else we do) is not high volume. Actually, we're dropping a batch of 7 the first of the week, and that's fairly sizeable for us. I talked with my stencil design folks and sent them a scrap board and all my gerber info. I t

Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 22:01:34 EDT 2004 | rohman23

We've had a few problems with printing a flex-rigid PWB, and I'm hoping some of you could throw some opinions/suggestions my way. Our PWB is about 8" x 11" divided into two parts (side A & B) by 2 wide flex cables. Each of these flex cables is ab

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