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Rigid flex

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 12:41:03 EDT 2013 | srinu10136

Rigid flex is a PCB Which is flex circuit and rigid in fabrication of internal layers. This allows the designers to fabricate a single circuit with improving performance. click here to know more details.

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 13:35:28 EDT 2017 | jmathis

Hello All, I was given an assembled flex circuit PCB and asked how the board was depanelized as there are no view-able witness marks that I can see. Any ideas? Thanks in advance on any insight to depanelizing without leaving witness marks on the F

Quick turn flex

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 08:25:08 EDT 2005 | John S

Thanks, but I meant a fabricator of the quickturn flex pcb. John S.

Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 04:40:01 EST 2000 | Karlin

Hi, I am looking for a supplier that can supply polyester PCB in reel to reel form for some low cost flipchip application. Could anyone provide me some contact. rgs chiakl

Re: Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 23:57:03 EST 2000 | Karlin

Dear Chris, Great Help. Thank you!

Re: Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 07:06:43 EST 2000 | Christopher Lampron

Chiakl, Advanced Circuit Technology in Nashua, NH manufactures low cost polyester flex in a reel to reel process. They can be reached at (603)880-6000. Hope this helps Chris

Re: Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 15:36:36 EST 2000 | Surface Mount Solutions Inc.

Try calling Chris at 513-748-0986 or visit our website at www.flextekinc.com. Mound Flextek is a supplier of low cost reel to reel polyester flex.

Re: Polyester flex PCB Supplier

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 01:20:03 EST 2000 | Dennis O'Donnell

Try calling Rick Zaki at (408) 847-0150. Tell him Dennis O'Donnell refered you. Rick is an independent rep that reps several fab companies with different target markets. I use him for all of my sub contract fab and he gets me best quality and best

Polyimide flex circuit PCB house

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 16 11:04:11 EDT 2015 | cyber_wolf

Who are the experts in the U.S. regarding polyimide bare board manufacturing ? We are struggling with warpage issues....

Non wetting spots of flex PCB pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 09:55:54 EDT 2023 | matouschekd

Yes, i tried cleaning it with PCB-Cleaner. Sadly, no success

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