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Non wetting spots of flex PCB pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 10:53:30 EDT 2023 | matouschekd

Repairing these PCBs was not an option due to the delivery amount. Oxidation is unlikely, as these anomalies were visible right after unpacking them and the humidity card was not suspicious. We have since decided not to use these PCBs as the risks w

SMT of Flex circuits

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 07:16:03 EDT 2013 | vinitverma

I have customers populating LEDs on flex PCBs (with Aluminum support plates) with sizes up to 1,200mm (say 4ft) even on old Philips/Assembleon Topaz machines. What components are you planning to assemble on your flex PCBs?

Rigid - Flex Depanelising

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 08:43:48 EST 2016 | leeg

Has anybody had experience in depanelising Rigid-Flex pcbs? If so what equipment do you use?

Large Footprint Flex PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 06 15:51:24 EDT 2009 | markhoch

Thanks for your help!

Large Footprint Flex PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 12:58:35 EDT 2009 | markhoch

I'm just throwing this out there, but is anybody manufacturing large footprint flex circuit PCBs? (I'm talking assemblies 18-36" in length) We're in the midst of quoting a new opportunity that involves several flex circuits of this size. Currently o

Conformal Coating Flexible PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 08:03:07 EDT 2019 | SMTA-Joe

Hello SMTA, We have some flex board assemblies that will require conformal coating. Coating rigid boards is nothing new, but this will be our first with flex. Are there any challenges associated with coating flex PCBs? on this particular assembly

Large Footprint Flex PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 05 11:51:55 EDT 2009 | mikesewell

We managed to run a ~30" board on an Assembleon Topaz/Emerald with only an 18" capacity by getting creative with the board sensors/clamping and running it as two programs, the manufacturer actually helped us through the workaround. I think we hand

Rigid + Flex PCB Wave Solder?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 03:34:26 EST 2015 | vb7007

Hi We sent pcbs through wave with Flex thermal masked. And its successful. Thanks

PCB lamination issues

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 11 23:32:43 EST 2007 | M.Haris

1. After reflow some boards start producing bumps/bubbles which damage the internal layers causeing PCBs failed in Electrical-testing. How can I eradicate this problem from my assembling process? 2. If SMT components are mounted on non-rigid FLEX PC

Large Footprint Flex PCBs

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 19 14:35:02 EST 2009 | rrpowers

We do continuous reel-to-reel flex circuit PCB's with a typical "panel" width being 12". (The PCB pattern repeats every 12".) We have done some product that was 24" by doing one half of the board then the other through the screen printer. We have

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