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Flexible Cicuits

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 10:29:41 EST 2000 | martys

Charles, what do you consider the most important recent advance in technology effecting Flexible Circuits?

SMT Assembly over Flexible PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 07:48:34 EST 2002 | Giordano Trecca

Please send me tips in flexible PCB printing and reflowing. Everything is welcome. Thank you.

Juki vs Mydata... again...

Electronics Forum | Mon May 01 20:44:33 EDT 2006 | pfifla1

my data have the best feeder design for flexible production, with hydra head they are pretty fast. also their software is fairly easy to use. Juki machines are very reliable, and also flexible but i think for very flexible production mydata is the c

Re: Flexible Cicuits

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 14:49:23 EST 2000 | Charles Harper

Probably the most important recent event has been the acquisition of International Flexible Technologies by Scheldahl,whose strength in flexible materials will have a major growth impact for flexible circuits--already growing nicely.Also,continuing a

Doubled Sided Flexible Circuit and Assembly Using It

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 22:35:55 EDT 1998 | Hank Hsiung

Hello, friends: Do you know where I can buy cheap double sided flexible circuits, especially adhesiveless system. Also, when I make double sided flexible circuit assembly, beside using temporary stiffener, any other method to do double sided as

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 11:19:08 EDT 2012 | fulgen

Hi Guys, I´m looking for information about processing smt components on flexible printed circuits (printing, SMD assembly,reflow soldering and laser cuting). These flexible circuits comes from a roll of 300 mm width. I found some information about ro

Conformal Coating Flexible PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 11:14:41 EST 2020 | amitshir9

Conformal coating is a protective polymer film or chemical coating that seals off the vulnerable circuits. I've used the conformal coating flexible PCB from Capel Technology Co.Ltd and there are many types of circuit board produced used by conformal

Vision settings for LED - JUKI KE3020

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 03 12:34:42 EDT 2019 | tey422

The reason I ask for datasheet is to make sure indeed the LED is to be mounted on the side. In this case, you can still try to use the laser, component type chooses "other", component shape chooses "flexible" or "flexible 2". Try "flexible" first as

Flex PCB through production

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 22:05:09 EST 2019 | alanyang

Flexible circuits assembly is different from rigid board assembly. For some manfacturers, fpc assembly are some things more painful because the assembly quality is unstable. Recommend to check and hope these 2 blogs are helpful. Flexible Circuit Asse

smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 10:02:55 EST 1999 | ron chua

Hi, how to ensure flexible boards do not warp after reflow and still remain flat for subsequent operations. What is the best way to hold and transport these strips from one process to another. Thanks!

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