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Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 10:25:16 EDT 2012 | swag

Ask for board fiducials if you're running arrays. Global fids on the panel do not work well. One handy product we use on flex is "Tacsil". Works well on SMT pallets as well as router operation. It's double sticky stuff that helps hold on to the P

Support Fixtures or Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 10:53:11 EDT 2001 | marys

What are the advantages to using a flexible pin array support system?

Support Fixtures or Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 11:19:00 EDT 2001 | hinerman

A flexible array support system is superior in the following categories discussed in the 'tooling classes' thread. -High Flexibility -Effective on a variety of products -Low operator intervention -Conforms to PCB, so it is both accurate and repeatab

Flex Circuit Fids

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 10 20:14:20 EDT 2008 | davef

We'd be unhappy with features that are not in copper that is at the same level as the component pads, because of difficulties the fabricator would have in maintaining registration between the copper pads and the ink used for the features not in coppe

Stencil Printing for 0201 Applications

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 15:27:51 EDT 2001 | jschake

Challenges: The basic defects that impact assembly yield are bridging, satellite solder balls, and opens (i.e. tombstones / draw bridges). There are many variables with the stencil printing process that can impact these; several of them are listed

Flexible PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 01 10:20:57 EST 2010 | swag

"Flexible Circuit Technology" by Joseph Fjelstad is a good place to start. If you get into production, you will encounter all kinds of new challenges with print quality, fid reads, inconsistent HASL, tooling and using creative P&P programming to mak

Anyone using a CNC router from ASYS or CTI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 07:27:32 EST 2015 | donb_68

Are you using any flexible magnetic tooling with it or are you using dedicated fixtures for holding your array's?


Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 00:26:58 EDT 2008 | bobwillis

Bob Willis' Top Ten Reference Books Here is a new list of "Bob Willis' Top Ten" reference books that has been updated for 2007 to take into account recent changes in technology. In the publishing industry there are many charts and awards for the bes

Re: uBGA

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 10:57:18 EDT 1998 | Craig Ramsey

Dear Bob, The Tessera microBGA technology defines a family of CSP devices. The most common microBGA type is the TV46 that has been selected by Intel for use with their flash memory devices. A microBGA package in general consists of the silicon die

Conformal Coating Equipment - Where to Start?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 12:02:42 EDT 2009 | joeherz

Greetings, We have a potential job coming up that would require coating with a silicone material (Humiseal 1C51 or equivalent). The volume will be high (in the 1000s/day). This is a low complexity, small card about 2.5" square in a 6up array. Onl

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