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smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 19 10:02:55 EST 1999 | ron chua

Hi, how to ensure flexible boards do not warp after reflow and still remain flat for subsequent operations. What is the best way to hold and transport these strips from one process to another. Thanks!

Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 07:09:03 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

Ron, The simplest way to process fexible PCB's that I have found is to use a process carrier fixture. There are companies that manufacture process carriers that are capable of holding flex through stencil, placement and reflow. The carriers are capab

Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 17:34:17 EST 1999 | Dave F

Ron: Chris is correct that there is a bunch of fixture fabricators that make good products that will serve your purpose. Other fixture fabricators can be found in the archives. Problems with these fixtures are: 1 Out-rageously expensive 2 Very lo

Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 19:09:54 EST 1999 | Chris

If your flex circuit is only populated on one side, you can have the PCB vendor palletize the flex for you. What you do is have the flex circuit laminated to 062" FR4 using a thermoset adhesive like Dupont WA. Standard flex circuit adhesive. Howev

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 23:48:02 EDT 2012 | mspcb

Hi, Since you're looking information about flexible printed circuits,a book entitled "Printed Circuit Boards R. S. Khandpur" could give you lot of information about flex circuits from Design, Fabrication, and Assembly Phase. The book contains compr

Assemby of flexible printed circuits

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 10:25:16 EDT 2012 | swag

Ask for board fiducials if you're running arrays. Global fids on the panel do not work well. One handy product we use on flex is "Tacsil". Works well on SMT pallets as well as router operation. It's double sticky stuff that helps hold on to the P

Wire to board soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 08:45:55 EDT 2006 | dougs

Hi All, We have a board that's going through our process at the moment, it's 1.6mm thick and has 4 wires soldered into it, these are 10SWG multi stranded wires, i'm finding that it's difficult to get the holes filled with solder as it travels up

Wire to board soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 20 08:30:31 EDT 2006 | dougs

It's hand solder, the wires are free issued, what i'm finding is that if we keep the heat and push enough solder into the joint that the component side wets there is that much solder moved up the wire that it goes solid. this is no good as the custo

PCB board house manufacturers NORTHEAST

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 26 16:13:49 EST 2010 | sam

Hi, Here is a brief synopsis of PNC - PNC has been a quality manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards for 40 years. Located in Nutley, NJ, we are the largest shop in the North East. PNC provides complete turnkey jobs from design, PCB fabricatio

Re: Screen printing the board from........

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 07:49:00 EST 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hi Ron, Your question really opens up a "Pandora's box", but when you say you're not able to print perfectly, what is it exactly that you mean? Is the print lacking volume? Is it mis-registered? Are you bridging? Also, what printers have you used? Do

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