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GSM Flexjet calibration

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 17:06:02 EDT 2020 | dilogic

Is there somebody experienced in GSM Flexjet calibration procedures? I have some issues that I can't resolve and help is very appreciated... - Deni

GSM Flexjet calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 04 12:29:26 EST 2021 | ilavu

What error you are getting and at what stage? Why are you calibrating?

GSM Flexjet calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 19:38:12 EST 2021 | ttheis

Hi Deni, I just bought a machine with FJ9 heads- I have never had a flexjet, only regular flex heads. Are there any pointers you can share? What ended up being your problem? When you do a calibration, do you do the CPE also? I have been fortunate

GSM Flexjet calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 19:22:55 EST 2021 | dilogic

Thanks, I have read (almost) everything I could find on UIC's site. The problem I had was that I never before tried to perform FJ calibration, so I did not know how it normally works. Anyway, I figured out what I did wrong and managed to calibrate t

GSM Flexjet calibration

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 02:37:46 EST 2021 | ttheis

Don't know if this is relevant but I just came across this bulletin in the UIC docs: Document # TECH-0155 Software level:All Machine block:All Machine type(s):GSM1 Platform,GSM2 Platform,GSMx Platform,GSMxs Platform Target Users:Level 2 Topic:Part

DEK Screen printer calibration - print offset issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 10:02:03 EDT 2017 | Bestglobal SMT

We have a 2008 DEK horizon 03i this machine has been a very reliable system. we are having an issue with the print being offset in the x .2mm I have run 4 different boards - same issue on all. same offset. i can print the board 10 times over and

Universal Advantis platform maintenance

Electronics Forum | Sun May 04 20:11:53 EDT 2008 | marcelll

I'm working on a regular base with Advantis. There's nothing special regarding maintenance with the machine itself, only standard greasing & cleaning each 3-4 months. An hour or two maximum. If you have lightning head on it, it's maintenance free. I

Feeder Calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 12:28:08 EDT 2012 | jrcline43

Do you have or know of a procedure/manual for calibration on universal instruments HSC/Genesis/Flexjet feeders?


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 17:28:57 EDT 2014 | grsysservice

Dear all, we are company here in Brazil that is looking for a Genesis calibration kit MCCM Calibration kit 45235202,if some one has one to sell we can travel to get it.

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 11 21:19:51 EDT 2009 | fulldrawmike

we have both flexjet and flexhead, we also have the new inline 7 head on some genesis dual beams we just put into operation. If you have a choice in flexjet heads take the inline 7. The flexjet 09 head is very labor intensive, stay away from them, e

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