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double printing

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 10:27:36 EDT 2007 | davef

Print styles: Print - Most common print mode * A single print stroke forward on first board * A single print stroke reverse on next board Print-Print (Double Print) * Both forward and reverse printing strokes * Helps to ensure complete filling of th

Gluing Quality Issue !!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 07:03:44 EST 2009 | davef

Loco [snip] "The print mode is another consideration. Printers are designed with a squeegee bar and a flood bar. In flood mode the flood bar spreads the paste, and in print mode the squeegee applies pressure, such that the actual printing takes plac

Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 09:17:58 EDT 2016 | capse

The short answer is yes, but you will be screen not stencil printing. Your printer may have print modes to support print/flood and flood/print modes. You should contact your printer manufacturer and a screen manufacturer to discuss this application.

Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 14 06:53:23 EDT 2016 | hshorakaei

Thanks for your response. You said that "It is used a lot in the textile industries". Is thick film printing process is screen printing, like printing in textile industry? There is another question yet. What is print/flood and flood/print mode?

Printing off contact

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 08:19:54 EST 2007 | Steve

One question about the build to print statement; is there some note saying that the vias are to be plugged with mask? If so, I'm wondering when the circle of mask was done over the vias. If it was done as a secondary operation after flood coating, t

Thick Film Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 15 10:07:21 EDT 2016 | capse

In screen printing the material is transferred through openings in the screen mesh. You can imagine small columns of "ink" that coalesce after the screen releases. Screen printing is also an off-contact process verse contact process of stencils. The

SMT Connecting Conveyors

Electronics Forum | Tue May 06 08:14:47 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

Look around at the used market. ITS FLOODED with deals.

Organic Fiber Plugs Flooding with Selective Soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 18 18:16:57 EST 2020 | jerlong2020

We are having issues with solder flooding some through hole pin receptacles which have an organic fiber plug on the soldering end. Anyone else use these types of receptacles and soldering with selective solder. Appears the plugs may be not sealed w

Re: Fingers on Wave Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 22 11:25:03 EDT 1999 | Boca

I understand what you're looking for, criteria which determmines a good or bad finger. I have not found anything as cut and dried at that, we just eyeball them. If they are very bad they should stick out like a sore thumb. We check for them each s

Angle of board on wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 10:02:18 EST 2005 | Steve C.

We have 2 different wave machines. An Electrovert with a foam flux and a Vitronics with a spray flux that is no-clean. We started noticing on the Vitronics that we were flooding inside the wave fixture. After further review we noticed that the angle

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