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Looking for fluke 5080A calibrator

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 10 09:56:09 EST 2019 | charliedci

Have been looking for rental/lease of above calibrator in US. Companies we have contacted are: Transcat, TRS, BHD, ATE, Electrorent, Techrentals, Vantage with none available. We have 2, one is out for repair. We will be purchasing another but 4 week

Marking code t6g on fluke 189

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 06:07:53 EST 2009 | joelinacio

I need to know what is the sot-23-5 in the dmm fluke 189 with the code t6g. It is wired with the com conector.

Greased Lightning

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 04:45:48 EDT 1999 | Brian

Cliff Have you done something to your server this morning? The listing is downloading at 18+ kb/s (usually under 4, often under 1 when it is busy your side of the Atlantic). Is it a fluke? Brian

Re: Greased Lightning

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 16 05:07:03 EDT 1999 | Brian

I'd have put it myself into the Admin group, but I wasn't able to :-( However, it must have been a fluke: yesterday afternoon and this morning, it was back to its usual snail's pace : 2,8 kb/s today. Pity! Brian

BGA Reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 01:34:23 EDT 2009 | isd_jwendell

I have used the Fluke 53 (single channel) and 54 (2 channel) hand-held units. You can get the model 54 for about $300 if you shop around. Is this too much?

Convection Oven Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 11:30:08 EDT 2022 | stephendo

Datapaq It looks like they are now part of Fluke instruments. They cover a lot of industries but at least used to have suitable software for us. It has been a while since I used one so ymmv.

Looking for tech support on the TRITON SMT IV Washer in Ohio.

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 15:06:44 EST 2011 | jeffharley

Have you checked each heater rod with a fluke temp. meter or similar to make sure that the elements are in fact heating up? Make sure you have voltage to all heater rods. Check to see what the plc controller is set at. Hope this helps.

Communication problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 29 14:41:10 EDT 2013 | kdc45

We found we had a bad communication cable which caused all of the files to be corrupted. We then held the RESET down while powering up and it successfully dumped. We were then able to send status, proper and programs to the machines. Hope this helps

Heller Heating Element

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 00:05:11 EST 2012 | eadthem

Typical problems with our heller 1707 EXL would be blower issues. We have almost replaced every blower on the top sense purchase. Fortunately Heller is very good about honoring there warranty on the blowers which is quite long, Might be lifetime not

power grid quality for SMT line

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 07:53:54 EST 2021 | saberbouras

I suggest that you perform a electric power quality analysis with a qualified technician using this equipment https://www.fluke.com/en-us/product/electrical-testing/power-quality/1742-1746-1748 test 1 : all lights on take the measurement of your s

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