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green contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 19:18:49 EST 2005 | arnold

I would to ask on what do you call on the color green contamination found on the soldered units. Whe i soldered some units after few days there was a color green on the wires. what do you call on this contamination?

PCB contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 16:31:49 EDT 2013 | alfredodsanchez

Hello everyone! I have a problem with PCB, we detect that some contamiation apear (dark spots similar to glue or underfill) we detect that this element is Policarbonate. I don't know if on PCB fabrication process some policarbonate are used. We alr

lead contamination

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 07 13:15:06 EDT 2015 | markhoch

You can most certainly use the same reflow oven for both leaded and lead-free pastes. Obviously your thermal profiles will be different, as the lead-free paste should have a higher reflow temp. As long as your oven has adequate exhaust and flux manag

solder wire

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 30 00:54:06 EDT 2001 | chinaman

Has anybody heard about solder wires for rework with a V-notch in order to avoid solder balls which might be caused by shooting flux when getting hot. The notch is as deep to reach the core so that the flux can expand easily. I can imagine the effect

solder wire

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 01 03:46:57 EDT 2001 | wbu

Have never heard of solderballs during rework using solder wire. Noticed the tendency to have little balls of flux with too hot iron and lots of solder used for shields or massive cables to be connected. Seems to me a question of believe if it does

solder wire

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 12:56:41 EDT 2001 | Scott B

We have come across this where the operator was using thin gauge solder wire (more suited to fine pitch SMT soldering) to form large solder fillets (power connections or sheild cans). We found that the operator was feeding large amounts of solder wir

contamination on feedthru wires

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 11:31:10 EST 2000 | John Rep

I am having a problem with wetting on some feedthru wires. The problem seems to be contamination on the wires, due to the fact that the problem seems to be wire lot dependent. I have analysed it using SEM and come up with very little. Is there ano

PCB pad contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 08:03:32 EDT 2007 | davef

Actually, you will be soldering and wire bonding to the palladium layer, so we should have asked if you checked that layer, rather than the nickel. We not sure of the source of the copper that your see on EDX. It's possible copper from the pad migra

Solder pot contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 11:34:25 EDT 2004 | Woodsmt

I am looking for data / info on how flux may contaminate the solder in a Wave. I have a customer who requires a no clean process. Our wave is equipped with 2 separate fluxing systems and I would like to use OA in one and the No Clean in the other. Th

Solder pot contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 20:47:21 EDT 2004 | KEN

I think OA flux left on the pot would quickly looses its activity and become part of the dross waste stream, and smoke stream for that matter. Also, if your wave is setup properly your selective pallets will scour (push) the top of the lambda wav

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