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Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 14:10:18 EDT 2005 | F1358

Does anyone know about methods for disposal of expired flux powder?

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 10:24:06 EDT 2005 | russ

How about just posting who it is? If it is no cost then this would not be aproblem and everyone can benefit.

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 10:32:58 EDT 2005 | davef

DenM: What is the connection between the your contact that disposes of solder and F1358's [the original poster] need to dispose of expired flux powder?

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 17:06:22 EDT 2005 | George

I give up, what the heck is flux powder?? Spent flux yes, flux powder? Please educate me. What am I missing here?

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 08:08:15 EDT 2005 | davef

George We're not sure about the application of powder flux for original poster to this thread, but a common application of powder flux is in brazing. This powder flux can be either metal bearing or just flux. As an aside: Soldering and brazing are

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 09:18:42 EDT 2005 | denismeloche

Call me and I will give you a company that will take your solder for disposal at no cost. Den, Manncorp 215-830-1200

Flux powder disposal

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 14:45:29 EDT 2005 | davef

Dispose according to the MSDS for the product. As a point of comparison, here is a MSDS for another flux: http://www.kester.com/MSDS/USA%20and%20Canada/English/Fluxes/MSDS%20135%20US%20(24Nov03).pdf ... which says: 13 Disposal considerations Prod

Aqueous cleaner water disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 11:08:24 EDT 2002 | slthomas

We use an evaporator, so that we only have a sludge of flux residue and solder metal to dispose of via the hazmat handling service. We also route stencil washer waste water into it. We use a 30 gallon drum and have it hauled off maybe twice a year,

voc free flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 08:10:47 EST 2003 | davef

As a minimum, you should observe the recommendations for disposal in your flux supplier's MSDS. For one VOC-Free Flux, the MSDS says something like: Waste Disposal Methods: Scrap material may be disposed of, by a licensed waste disposal company or

solder balls and flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 29 10:14:02 EST 2000 | Robert Hartmann

My company is just getting into the flip chip packaging arena. We are putting in a prototype/small volume wire bond PBGA line. We have some questions with regard to choosing solder balls and cleaning of flux. 1) Is there a formula for the shrink

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